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Indiana History

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Volume 1, Indiana to 1816: The Colonial Period

John D. Barnhart and Dorothy L. Riker

cloth 520 pp. reprint 1994 (1971) / ISBN 0-87195-108-8 / $29.95
Order No. 2300

paper 520 pp. reprint 2016 (1994) (1971) / ISBN 0-87195-109-6 / $19.95
Order No. 2301

For more volumes of the History of Indiana Series click here.

Mapping Indiana: Five Centuries of Treasures from the Indiana Historical Society

Eric Mundell, Amy Belcher, Erin Kirchhoff

Although it is not known exactly when the first map found its way into the collection of the Indiana Historical Society, its acquisition could have taken place as early as 1830, the year of the organization's founding, Over the last 179 years the IHS has continued to add cartographic gems to its collection. The scope of the maps maintained by the Society ranges from several Old World views of North America to more contemporary views of Indiana counties and towns. While the focus of the map collection is broad geographically, its core subject is Indiana and the documentation of the state’s evolving history.

cloth / 322 pp. / 2015 / 9780871952776 / $59.95
Order no. 1583

Indiana at 200: A Celebration of the Hoosier State

Various Authors compiled by Indiana Bicentennial Commission

With the state’s 200th anniversary quickly approaching, we are pleased to announce the publication of the official bicentennial book, Indiana at 200: A Celebration of the Hoosier State. This collector’s book celebrates our milestone in words and images that reflect a variety of experiences and reveal the special character of Indiana. The book reflects on Hoosiers’ lives today and how our 200-year history informs our present and shapes the future. The limited edition 248-page coffee table book includes an introduction and 14 chapters, each opening with a short essay by a noted Hoosier, followed by photographs; quotes and anecdotes from Hoosiers of diverse ages, backgrounds and experiences. Sidebars that highlight unique and surprising facts about Indiana and its 92 counties are also incorporated. The book has a full color printed hardbound cover and matching dust jacket.

2015 / 248 pp / 9781938730665 / $39.95
Order No. 1549
Temporarily Out of Stock

Lincoln's Funeral Train: The Epic Journey from Washington to Springfield

Robert M. Reed

The Lincoln funeral and the nearly 1,700-mile epic journey of the funeral train was the biggest single event to happen in the lives of American citizens at the time. At least seven million people--without the aid of radio, television, or internet--actually witnessed some part of the historic occasion. Eyewitness accounts from nearly 150 years ago and historic images present this remarkable journey of President Abraham Lincoln's remains, from the nation's Capitol to his final resting place in Springfield, Illinois. More than 440 cities, towns, villages and byways were on the route in 1865, and each is included in this fascinating volume. The veteran author draws from reports, documents, and contemporary narratives to finally fully present the event. Long-forgotten photographs and dozens of Lincoln-handled documents are included, adding further authentic flavor to this enthrallingly detailed, true-story of the historic Lincoln Funeral Train.

157 pp. / 2014 / ISBN 9780764345944 / $39.95
Order no. 1469

Hoosiers: A New History of Indiana

James H. Madison

Who are the people called Hoosiers? What are their stories? Two centuries ago, on the Indiana frontier, they were settlers who created a way of life they passed to later generations. They came to value individual freedom and distrusted government, even as they demanded that government remove Indians, sell them land, and bring democracy. Down to the present, Hoosiers have remained wary of government power and have taken care to guard their tax dollars and their personal independence. Yet the people of Indiana have always accommodated change, exchanging log cabins and spinning wheels for railroads, cities, and factories in the 19th century, automobiles, suburbs, and foreign investment in the 20th. The present has brought new issues and challenges, as Indiana's citizens respond to a rapidly changing world. James H. Madison's sparkling new history tells the stories of these Hoosiers, offering an invigorating view of one of America's distinctive states and the long and fascinating journey of its people.

424 pp. / 2014 / ISBN 9780253013088 / $35.00
Order no. 1420

A Century of Eugenics in America: From the Indiana Experiment to the Human Genome Era

Paul A. Lombardo

In 1907, Indiana passed the world's first involuntary sterilization law based on the theory of eugenics. In time, more than 30 states and a dozen foreign countries followed suit. Although the Indiana statute was later declared unconstitutional, other laws restricting immigration and regulating marriage on "eugenic" grounds were still in effect in the U.S. as late as the 1970s. A Century of Eugenics in America assesses the history of eugenics in the United States and its status in the age of the Human Genome Project. The essays explore the early support of compulsory sterilization by doctors and legislators; the implementation of eugenic schemes in Indiana, Georgia, California, Minnesota, North Carolina, and Alabama; the legal and social challenges to sterilization; and the prospects for a eugenics movement basing its claims on modern genetic science.

251 pp. / 2011 / ISBN 9780253222695 / $24.95
Order no. 1354

Indiana 1700-1851 Native Americans to the National Road

Indiana Historical Society and the Sanders Group

The four programs on this two-DVD set, each with a teachers' guide, enrich the study of Indiana history, helping meet Indiana's academic standards for social studies and national curriculum standards:
"Frontier Indiana (1700-1800)" explores the interaction of Native Americans, French, British, and Americans in the area that became Indiana. (30 minutes; made with support from Lincoln Financial Group Foundation)
"Pioneer Indiana (1880-1851)" emphasizes the transformation of Indiana from frontier to settled state, including the Indiana Constitutions of 1816 and 1851 and transportation developments. (45 minutes; funded by Nina Mason Pulliam Charitable Trust)
"Hoosiers All" features four students telling their family stories of musicians, farm life, military heroes, and circus heritage. (32 minutes)
"Who Do You Think You Are?" describes the ethnic groups that settled Indiana, considering where they came from and why, how they adjusted while maintaining their ethnic roots, and what contributions they made. (27 minutes)

DVD / 134 min. / $19.95
Order No. 2902

Strange Tales of Crime and Murder in Southern Indiana

Keven McQueen
Illustrations by Kyle McQueen

Prepare to take a tour of some dark, strange moments of southern Indiana's history. From the scheming wife who wanted her dull husband out of the way to make room for a young love affair and the husband who stomped his wife to death because she wouldn't stop singing an irritating song, to the man who murdered an entire family to pay off some farming equipment and the case of a mistaken-identity murder, author Keven McQueen relates the sinister (or not so) motives and gruesome details of nine murders that occurred in southern Indiana between 1880 and 1912. With a detailed, if macabre, look at each story as well as the ambiguities surrounding the criminals and punishments, McQueen illuminates the darker side of Hoosier history.

paper / 110 pp. / 2009 / ISBN 978-1-59629-772-2 / $17.99
Order No. 2785

The Indiana Way

James H. Madison

This book covers the history of the Hoosier State from prehistoric times to the present, paying particular attention to the social, economic, cultural, and political contexts in which the state's significant historical figures, both heroes and villains, played out their roles.

paper / 364 pp. / 2001 / ISBN 9780253206091 / $26.00
Order No. 1056

Forgotten Tales of Indiana

Keven McQueen
Illustrations by Kyle McQueen

Author Keven McQueen recalls a time when skunk farms, which allegedly produced a cure for rheumatism, were speckled throughout the countryside and a miserable woman tied her husband to a fence post, coated him with salt and intended to let the cows 'lick him to death.' Meet the King of the Ghouls- an accomplished grave robber and notorious murderer- and a man so convinced he was an ox that he often joined neighborhood cattle for a bite of grass, and discover ghosts, monsters, giant skeletons and more in this collection of outlandish tales from the Hoosier State.

paper / 160 pp. / 2009 / ISBN 978-1-59629-771-5 / $14.99
Order No. 2786

Barnstorming the Prairies: How Aerial Vision Shaped the Midwest

Jason Weems

Barnstorming the Prairies offers a panoramic vista of the transformative nature and power of the aerial vision that remade the Midwest in the wake of the airplane. This new perspective from above enabled Americans to conceptualize the region as something other than isolated and unchanging, and to see it instead as a dynamic space where people worked to harmonize the core traditions of America’s agrarian character with the more abstract forms of twentieth-century modernity. In the maps and aerial survey photography of the Midwest, as well as the painting, cinema, animation, and suburban landscapes that arose through flight, Weems also finds a different and provocative view of modernity in the making. In representations of the Midwest, from Grant Wood’s iconic images to the Prairie style of Frank Lloyd Wright to the design of greenbelt suburbs, Weems reveals aerial vision’s fundamental contribution to regional identity—to Midwesternness as we understand it.

paper / 368 pp. / 2015 / 9780816677511 / $34.95
Order no. 1574

IN Writing: Uncovering the Unexpected Hoosier State

Douglas A. Wissing

Fueled by an insider’s view of Indiana and the state’s often surprising connections to the larger world, IN Writing is revelatory. It is Indiana in all its glory: sacred and profane; saints and sinners; war and peace; small towns and big cities; art, architecture, poetry and victuals. It’s about Hoosier talent and Hoosier genius: the courageous farmer-soldiers who ardently try to win the hearts and minds of 21st century Afghan insurgents; the artisans whose work pulses with the aesthetics of far-away homelands; and the famous modernist poet who had to leave to make his mark. It’s about places that speak to a wider world: Columbus and its remarkable architecture; New Harmony and its enduring idealism; Indianapolis and its world-renowned Crown Hill cemetery. IN Writing makes visible the unexpected bonds between Indiana and the world at large.

paper / 264 pp. / 2016 / 9780253019042 / $27.00
Order no. 1576

The Great Indiana State Fair at 150: A Pictorial Celebration

Stephen H. Baker

Amid the tall buildings and busy streets of Indianapolis sits a quiet, beautifully wooded area now known as Military Park. In the 1820's it became the first city park and was the site of the little settlement’s first 4th of July celebration.

In the 1860s, it was a mustering ground where Hoosier farm boys came to join the Union Army. They marched out as soldiers and turned south towards their destinies.

During a warm two weeks in October 1852, this was the site of Indiana's first State Fair. Thousands of people came to the city to visit the fair's sights and sounds. Just like today, folks gawked at midway curiosities. They marveled their way through pens and stalls that held the very best “modern” husbandry had to offer. As they passed through the “Manufacturers Building,” “new-fangled” devices such as the “sewing machine” astonished them! They cheered winners of the “best” pie, cake, and pickle relish.

Stephen H. Baker’s new book, The Great Indiana State Fair at 150, captures the human experience of the Fair throughout its history. With each turn of the page, the reader recalls his or her own memories of going to the fair.

paper / 110 pp. / 2006 / ISBN 0-74820-08312-3 / $14.95
Order No. 2066

History of Indiana series

History of Indiana series

This series was begun in 1965 in honor of the sesquicentennial of Indiana's statehood. The series has been a joint venture between the Indiana Historical Bureau and the Indiana Historical Society.

Marshal Foch Day

Official Record of the Celebration Given in Honor of Marshal Ferdinand L. Foch, Indianapolis, November 4, 1921

Includes dedication of the American Legion headquarters in Indianapolis.

cloth / 103 pp. / $19.95
Order No. 4059

Creating a Hoosier Self-Portrait; the Federal Writers' Project in Indiana

George T. Blakey

The story of the New Deal program that produced the first guide to Indiana.
From 1935 to 1942, the Indiana office of the Federal Writers' Program hired unemployed writers as "field workers" to create a portrait in words of the land, the people, and the culture of the Hoosier state. This book tells the story of the project and its valuable legacy. Beginning work under the guidance of Ross Lockridge, whose son would later burst onto the American literary scene with his novel Raintree County, the group would eventually produce Indiana: A Guide to the Hoosier StateHoosier Tall Stories, and other publications. Though many projects were never brought to completion, the Program's work remains a useful and rarely tapped storehouse of information on the history and culture of the state.

cloth / 248 pp. 2005 / ISBN 0-253-34569-3 / $29.95
Order No. 2579

After the Harvest: Indiana's historic grain elevators and feed mills

John Bower

paper / 144 pp. / 2007 / ISBN 978-0-9745186-3-3 / $22.00$15.00
Order No. 2642

Centennial Farms of Indiana

M. Teresa Baer and Kathleen M. Breen (eds)

A history of Hoosier farming and a genealogical treasure trove of information about local farm families dating back to the early 19th century.

paper / 125 pp. / 2003 / ISBN 0-87195-16 / $24.95
Order No. 2384

Progress after Statehood: A Book of Readings

Pamela J. Bennett and Shirley McCord, comp.

Essays of and about Indiana. Resources available: newspapers, government documents, state agency reports, and publications.

cloth / 570 pp. / 1974 / ISBN 1-885323-26-3 / $9.95
Order No. 4070

paper / 570 pp. / 1974 /ISBN 1-885323-27-1 / $4.95
Order No. 4071

The Old Northwest: Pioneer Period 1815-1840

R. Carlyle Buley

History of the region northwest of the Ohio River from the beginning of the "Great Migration" to the end of the pioneer period.

cloth / 1,318 pp. (2 vol.) / 1950 / ISBN 0-253-34168-X / $41.95
Order No. 2115

The Indiana Book of Trivia

Fred D. Cavinder

Compiled by former Indiana newspaper reporter and author Fred D. Cavinder, this book resists repeating commonly known Hoosier trivia such as Cole Porter was from Indiana or that Don Larsen pitched the only perfect game in World Series history, in favor of listing odder, less historic facts about the Hoosier state and its inhabitants.

paper / 220 pp. / 2007 / ISBN978-087195-252-3 / $14.95
Order No. 2639

The Indiana Book of Quotes

Fred D. Cavinder

From humorist and writer George Ade to professional golfer Fuzzy Zoeller, the numerous funny, sad, heartbreaking, and wise statements made by and about Hoosiers and the nineteenth state are featured in The Indiana Book of Quotes. Compiled by former Indiana newspaper reporter and author Fred D. Cavinder, the book includes quotes from longtime Hoosiers and those who had only a passing acquaintance with the state. Although Ambrose Bierce grew up in Indiana and fought for it during the Civil War, this noted wit and pundit, author of the hilarious Devil’s Dictionary, left the state never to return. On the opposite end of the scale is Frank McKinney “Kin” Hubbard, creator of crackle-barrel philosopher Abe Martin of Brown County. Born in Ohio, Hubbard worked with the Indianapolis News for years and filled book after book with the witty sayings of his creation Martin. Famous historic quotes fill the book, including some not so previously known as coming from the Hoosier state. Although he served two terms as vice president under Woodrow Wilson, Thomas Marshall is still best known today for his offhand comment during a long-winded U.S. Senate debate on the needs of America: “What this country really needs is a good five-cent cigar.” It was John B. L. Soule, editor of the Terre Haute Express, who produced in an editorial the famous advice of “Go West, young man and grow up with the country.” Unfortunately for Soule, noted New York editor Horace Greeley gets mistakenly credit for this sage advice.

paper / 340 pp. / 2005 / ISBN 0-87195-183-5 / $16.95
Order No. 2552

Indiana's Believe It or Not

Fred D. Cavinder

Findings and stories, freaky and fascinating, kooky and strange, some historical oddities and fascinations, all told with humor.

cloth / 158 pp. / 1990 / ISBN 0-253-31329-5 / $25.00
Order No. 2260

More Amazing Tales from Indiana

Fred D. Cavinder

More of the findings and stories, freaky and fascinating, kooky and strange, some historical oddities and fascinations, all told with humor.

paper / 207 pp. / 2003 / ISBN 0-253-21653-2 / $14.95
Order No. 2413

Frontier Indiana

Andrew R. L. Cayton

Cayton’s history of the frontier period in Indiana puts the focus on people, on how they lived, how they viewed their world, and what motivated them. Here are the stories of Sieur de Vincennes, John Francis Hamtramck, Little Turtle, Anna Tuthill Symmes Harrison, Tenskwatawa, Calvin Fletcher―along with many more familiar (and not so familiar) early Hoosiers.

cloth / 340 pp. / 1996 / ISBN 0-253-33048-3 / $35.00
Order No. 2184 Temporarily Out of Stock

paper / 340 pp. / 1996 / ISBN 0-253-21217-0 / $22.95
Order No. 364

Indiana Public Opinion and the World War, 1914-1917

Cedric C. Cummins

Information garnered mainly from Indiana newspapers; how Hoosiers felt about America's participation in World War I.

cloth / 292 pp. / 1945 / ISBN 1-885323-10-7 / $5.00
Order No. 4047

The Hoosier Cabinet in Kitchen History

Nancy R. Hiller

Loaded with labor and time-saving conveniences, the Hoosier cabinet was among the earliest design innovations of the modern American kitchen. This culinary workstation allowed owners to maintain an efficient and clutter-free kitchen by centralizing utensils, cookware, tools, and ingredients all the while providing a space in which to prepare the meals of the day. Bloomington-based cabinetmaker Nancy R. Hiller draws on her years of specialty cabinet making and thorough knowledge of interior design to deliver an entertaining, beautiful, and informative history of the Hoosier cabinet—revealing its influence on the development of the contemporary American home. Illustrated with original manufacturers' advertisements and sales literature—some of which is previously unpublished—as well as color and black-and-white photos, this long-overdue book on an icon of the early 20th-century kitchen will be an invaluable resource to cabinetmakers, antiques enthusiasts, and homeowners planning a period-inspired kitchen.

cloth / 144 pp. / 2009 / ISBN 978-0-253-31424-6 / $34.95
Order No. 2743sdf

Studies on Indiana: A Bibliography of Theses and Dissertations, 1902-1977

Betty Jarboe and Kathryn Rumsey, comps.

Bibliography of 2,727 items submitted to Indiana institutions of higher education for advanced degrees.

paper / 377 pp. / 1980 / ISBN 1-885323-33-6 / $1.95
Order No. 4082

Solon Robinson, Pioneer and Agriculturist

Herbert Anthony Kellar

The Calumet Region, particularly agricultural improvements before the Civil War. Volume I, 1825-1845

cloth / 582 pp. / 1936 / ISBN 1-885323-07-7 / $9.95
Order No. 4078

Volume II, 1846-1851

cloth / 556 pp. / 1937 / ISBN 1-885323-08-5 / $9.95
Order No. 4079

Two volume set

ISBN 1-885323-09-3 / $17.95
Order No. 4080

Indiana's Pioneer Heritage and the End of the Twentieth Century

Indiana's Pioneer Heritage and the End of the Twentieth Century

James Madison

Indiana's pioneer myth and reality.

paper / 8 pp. / 1996 / $.50
Order No. 6070

Temples of Knowledge: Andrew Carnegie's Gift to Indiana

Alan McPherson

A compilation of photographs and history of use of Indiana's Carnegie Libraries. Dates and lists of Carnegie's contributions to Indiana libraries are included.

paper / 240 pp. / 2003 / ISBN 0-9636978-4-6 / $24.95
Order No. 2420

Passing the Torch

James W. Merritt, Jr.

A tour of Indiana's landmarks, memorials, treasured artifacts, and the State Archives where we find the institutional memories of why monuments and memorials were built in the first place.

paper / 84 pp. / 1997 / ISBN 1-57860-008-1 / $20.00
Order No. 2209

Christian Schrader sketches

Selected Christian Schrader drawings have been grouped in sets. Black ink on ivory paper, folded over, 5.5" x 4.5".

Indianapolis Businesses Notecards

  • Indianapolis Circle Notecards $3.50
    Order No. 6062
  • Indianapolis Public Buildings Notecards $4.25
    Order No. 6063
  • Indianapolis Residences Notecards $4.25
    Order No. 6064
  • $3.50
    Order No. 6065

History of Indiana Literature

Arthur W. Shumaker

Substantiates the assertion that "the production of Indiana writers is one of the more significant contributions to American literature made by any state or region."

cloth / 611 pp. / 1962 / ISBN 1-885323-19-0 / $13.50
Order No. 4030

Paper / 203 pp. / 2009 / ISBN 978-1-6072-678-5 / $17.95
Order No. 2768

"No Cheap Padding": Seventy-five Years of the Indiana Magazine of History, 1904-1979

Lorna Lutes Sylvester

History of the Indiana Magazine of History including 28 selections "meant to be representative of the materials published in the magazine through the years."

cloth / 558 pp. / 1980 / ISBN 1-885323-30-1 / $13.50
Order No. 4068

Peopling Indiana: The Ethnic Experience

Robert M. Taylor Jr. (Author), Indiana historical Society (Author), Connie A. McBirney (Editor), John Bodnar (Editor)

This volume is the capstone of an ethnic history project launched by the Indiana Historical Society in 1989. The lavishly illustrated book contains thirty-one chapters touching on many of the past and present ethnicities that populated the Hoosier State, including African Americans, Germans, Greeks, Chinese, Hispanics, Hungarians, Jews, Native Americans, French, Irish, Italians, Scots, Poles, and others. Chapters represent various ethnic groups, which are presented in alphabetical order, followed by a thorough index. The book also includes historic photographs, maps, tables and charts, and detailed footnotes.

cloth / 703 pp. / 2009 reprint (originally pub. 1996) / ISBN 978-0871951120 / $49.95
Order No. 2186

Readings in Indiana History

Gayle Thornbrough and Dorothy L. Riker (comp.)

Indiana's prehistoric cultures to World War II. Provides the basic documentary sources for Indiana's establishment and early development.

paper / 625 pp. / reprinted 1991 (1956) / ISBN 1-885323-14-X / $21.95
Order No. 4072

Early Indiana Trails and Surveys

George R. Wilson

This 114-page book by George R. Wilson, features invaluable information for those researching early Indiana paths and settlements.

paper / 114 pp. / 1919 reprinted 1991 / ISBN 0-87195-005-7 / $7.95
Order No. 2280 - OUT OF STOCK

Indiana in Maps: Geographic Perspectives of the Hoosier State

Jeffery Wilson, compiler

Full-page maps of the state showing the usual "100 most populated places," elevation, etc. plus much more. Maps showing diversity, hydrology, tornado strength and paths, and more--a unique resource.

paper / 37 pp. / 2003 / ISBN 1-929774-21-4 / $11.95
Order No. 2412 Temporarily Out of Stock

Related issues of The Indiana Historian

paper / ISSN 1071-3301 / $1.00 (1-19 copies); $.30 (20 or more copies)

Indiana Almanac

Events in Indiana history in almanac form.

16 pp. / 1995
Order No. 7032

Introducing Indiana ---Past and Present

Introducing Indiana ---Past and Present

Indiana's physical features, people, government, emblems, heritage, commerce, industry, and transportation--past and present.

16 pp. / 1998 (Special pricing for large orders; please call)
Order No. 7046

Search for a New Capital, Part 1

Search for a New Capital, Part 1

How Indianapolis came to be the capital; Indiana's past capitals; the commission which chose the location.

16 pp. / 1996
Order No. 7035

Indianapolis, the Capital, Part 2

Indianapolis, the Capital, Part 2

The beginnings of Indianapolis and Marion County through the arrival of state government in the fall of 1824.

16 pp. / 1996
Order No. 7036

The Fall of Fort Sackville

The Fall of Fort Sackville

Hoosier hero George Rogers Clark's Memoir provides the basis of the story of the defeat of British troops at Fort Sackville, Vincennes by Clark and his men in February 1779. The full text of the Memoir is on the Historical Bureau Web site.

16 pp. / 1997
Order No. 7042

Lewis and Clark--Indiana Connections

Lewis and Clark--Indiana Connections

Meriwether Lewis and Hoosier, William Clark and the Corps of Discovery's many connections to Indiana.

16 pp. / 2003
Order No. 7054

Indiana Territory

Indiana Territory

Documents the formation of Indiana from the Northwest Territory, through various stages as Indiana Territory. Includes discussions of finances and slavery. William Henry Harrison's life and career is highlighted in the timeline.

16 pp. / 1999
Order No. 7047

Indiana Statehood

Indiana Statehood

Provides details about the process, the people, and the times that led to Indiana's acceptance as the nineteenth state on December 11, 1816.

16 pp. / 1999
Order No. 7050

Indiana Constitution of 1851

Indiana Constitution of 1851

Describes how a new constitution came to be called for in the mid-1800s, describes the convention, the people who made the constitution, and the differences between the 1816 and 1851 Indiana constitutions.

Indiana in the Spanish-American War

Indiana in the Spanish-American War

The home front experience, Indiana volunteers, and the dilemma of black citizens and soldiers.

16 pp. / 1998
Order No. 7045


Maps of Indiana Counties in 1876

An oversized volume containing illustrated maps, with section and township lines, streams, railroads, towns, villages, churches, schoolhouses, mills, and other visible features.

92 pp. / 1968 / ISBN 0-87195-059-6 / $16.00
Order No. 2148

Vinyl outline maps

Write-on/wipe-off maps of Indiana showing counties and rivers for class, home, or office. This large wall hanging map is wonderful for classroom projects.

large vinyl / 36" x 48" with grommets for hanging / $15.00
Order No. 6016

World War II Resources in Indiana

Indiana repositories holding collections relating to World War II.

paper / 8 pp. / 1999 / free / Order No. 8203

BROADSIDES: Indiana, the Early Years

Dani B. Pfaff

BROADSIDES makes reproductions of primary source materials from Indiana history available for students and teachers to use across the curriculum.

The Resource Guide provides introductions to the period and the subjects covered, including document introductions, activities, maps, timelines, reference materials, various finding aids to help match subject areas with the documents, and two supplemental related documents for each of the twenty-five packet documents.

Document packets each consist of five document reproductions (two views each) and two supplementary sheets in an envelope.

Resource Guide / 3 hole punched / 424 pp. / 1987 / ISBN 1-885323-50-6 / $8.50
Order No. 4006

Document Packets

paper / 1987 / $.75

  • Commerce, Trade, and Agriculture
    Order No. 6004
  • Daily Life
    Order No. 6005
  • Education
    Order No. 6006
  • Politics
    Order No. 6007
  • Transportation and Communication
    Order No. 6008
  • Document Packet Set
    Includes one of each of the five packets.
    paper / 5 packets / 1987 / $3.00
    Order No. 6009