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Markers in the Classroom

The Indiana Historical Bureau collaborates with educators at IUPUI and Oakland High School, using its historical marker review program to support learning about the research process and public history.  All educators can use Historical Markers in the classroom to reinforce learning about local, regional, and state history topics.  To learn about historical markers in Indiana, read the Marking Indiana’s History issue of The Indiana Historian.  Some ideas to get you started:

  • “How do we remember the past?”  Explore the topic with our 9th-12th grade lesson plan.
  • Participate in your region’s Historical Marker Inventory as a class.  Download The Indiana Historian for a marker survey form and join our Marker SOS email list for updates by county.
  • Have students choose an important local individual or place for a research project, using markers to guide their research.  Find markers in your county by topic in our database to get started.
  • Reinforce local history topics by having students summarize them in the limited space of an historical marker.  a a blank marker worksheet.

If you or a fellow educator have found an effective method for using historical markers to support the curriculum and would like to share, please email