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Indianapolis the Capital Part 2 - Timeline


January 11
An act "to select and locate a site for the permanent seat" of state government.

May 22-June 7
Site commissioners meet, select site, and prepare report for General Assembly.

November 29
Site commissioners submit report to General Assembly.


January 6
Act to appoint commissioners to lay off town, name it Indianapolis, and authorize land sales.

January 8
Memorial to U.S. Congress from General Assembly to route National Road through Indianapolis.

January 9
Act to appoint justices of the peace for Indianapolis.

Indianapolis commissioners to meet; only Christopher Harrison comes.

Commissioner Harrison hires Elias P. Fordham and Alexander Ralston to survey and plat Indianapolis.

October 8
Sale of lands in Indianapolis begins.

November 28
Act legalizes Harrison's actions as commissioner.

Alexander Ralston plat of Indianapolis printed.