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Members of Indiana's 1816 Constitutional Convention

County Representative Date and Place of Birth Occupation Additional Information
Clark Thomas Carr, Sr. June 23, 1755 Maryland Farmer Captain in Revolutionary War; served in Indian wars; moved to Clark Co. in 1806
  John K. Graham January 30, 1783 Bedford Co., Pennsylvania Merchant, teacher, surveyor, civil engineer farmer, poet Moved to Ind. in early 1800s; laid out town of New Albany
  Jonathan Jennings 1784 Virginia or New Jersey Lawyer, politician President of 1816 Constitutional Convention; first governor of the state of Indiana; U.S. Congress, 1823-1831
  James Lemon ??? Kentucky Lawyer, justice of the peace, sheriff Served under George Rogers Clark; militia officer
  James Scott 1767 Washington Co., Pennsylvania Lawyer, judge of General Court of Indiana Territory Moved to Clark Co. by 1810; commissioned a judge of Indiana State Supreme Court, Dec. 28, 1816
Dearborn James Dill 1772 Dublin, Ireland Lawyer, clerk of Dearborn County Moved to Dearborn Co. in 1803; appointed brigadier general of territorial militia, Jan. 15, 1816
  Ezra Ferris April 26, 1783 Stanwich, Connecticut Minister, physician, justice of the peace Moved to Lawrenceburg circa 1806
  Solomon Manwaring 1771 Delaware (?) Lawyer, judge, surveyor Laid out towns of Brookville and New Trenton in Franklin Co.
Franklin James Brownlee 1780 Washington Co., Pennsylvania Mill builder, Franklin County coronor Moved to Ind. in 1815
  William H. Eads ??? Hagerstown, Maryland Merchant, tanner, banker Postmaster at Brookville, 1813
  Robert Hanna April 6, 1786 Laurens District, South Carolina Farmer Moved to Franklin Co. in 1804; brigadier general in Indiana militia
  Enoch McCarty January 5, 1783 Culpepper Co., Virginia Farmer, lawyer Moved to Ind. in 1803
  James Noble December 16, 1785 Clarke Co., Virginia Lawyer Moved to Brookville circa 1808; U.S. Senator from Ind., 1816-1831; brother of Noah Noble, Ind. governor, 1831-1837
Gibson Alexander Devin ??? Pittsylvania Co., Virginia Baptist minister Moved to Ind. from Warren Co., Ky. in 1810
  Frederick Rapp 1775 ??? ??? Adopted son of George Rapp (New Harmony); business leader and spokesman for Harmonist society
  David Robb July 12, 1771 Ireland Surveyor, farmer, miller, justice of the peace, Gibson Co. surveyor Served in Indian wars and War of 1812; moved to Gibson Co. in 1800, president of Legislative Council, 1815
  James Smith August 14, 1774 Orange Co., Virginia County surveyor, justice of the peace Moved to Ind. in 1808; served in Battle of Tippecanoe
Harrison John Boone February 10, 1772 Frederick, Maryland Farmer, justice of the peace Moved to Ind. in 1808; relative of Daniel Boone
  Davis Floyd 1772 Virginia River pilot, tavern keeper, lawyer, Ind. auditor, 1813-1814; Ind. treasurer, 1814-1816 Moved to Clarksville in 1801; involved in Aaron Burr conspiracy to invade Mexico
  Daniel C. Lane 1766 Loudoun Co., Virginia Surveyor, associate judge of circuit court Moved to Ind. circa 1814; served as state treasurer, 1816-1823
  Dennis Pennington 1776 Mecklenburg Co., Virginia Farmer, stone mason, justice of the peace Moved to Ind. circa 1804; friend of Henry Clay; contractor for building Corydon Courthouse
  Patrick Shields ??? Virginia Lawyer, associate judge of circuit court Moved to Ind. in 1805; served as private in Battle of Tippecanoe
Jefferson Nathaniel Hunt 1773 Litchfield Co., Connecticut Lawyer, merchant Moved to Madison, Jefferson Co. in 1813
  David H. Maxwell September 17, 1786 Lancaster, Garrard Co., Kentucky Physician, banker Moved to Jefferson Co. in 1810
  Samuel Smock ??? Berkeley Co., Virginia Lawyer, justice of the peace, associate judge of circuit court  
Knox John Badollet 1758 Geneva, Switzerland Register of U.S. Land Office at Vincennes Came to Vincennes circa 1804; friend of Albert Gallatin
  John Benefiel 1761 Virginia Farmer  
  John Johnson ??? Virginia, Pennsylvania, or Kentucky Lawyer, Indiana Supreme Court judge Served in first Territorial General Assembly; appointed to Indiana State Supreme Court, Dec. 28, 1816
  William Polke September 19, 1775 or 1777 Brooke Co., Virginia Farmer, surveyor Conducted last band of Potawatomi to new lands across the Mississippi River in 1838
  Benjamin Parke September 2, 1777 New Jersey Lawyer, judge of General Court of Indiana Territory Moved to Vincennes in 1801; good friend of Gov. Harrison; captain at Battle of Tippecanoe
Perry Charles Polke circa 1744 Frederick Co., Maryland Baptist minister Father of William Polke, delegate from Knox; wife and children captured by Indians, later released at Detroit
Posey Dann Lynn June 24, 1782 Christian Co., Kentucky Farmer, trader, ferry operator, associate judge of circuit court Moved to Ind. in 1798; served in Indiana militia; acquired extensive land holdings
Switzerland William Cotton March 13, 1776 Loudoun Co., Virginia Farmer, lawyer, judge, miller Moved to Ind. in 1798; appointed by President Monroe to appraise Indian improvements in northern Indiana
Warrick Daniel Grass March 27, 1774 or 1780 or 1781 Pennsylvania or Kentucky Farmer, lawyer Served in Indian wars; moved to Ind. circa 1802; excused from convention, June 19, 1816, due to ill health
Washington John DePauw March 11, 1785 Lincoln Co., Kentucky Lawyer, merchant Father, Charles, came with Lafayette to fight in American Revolution; son, Washington, endowed DePauw University
  William Graham September 4, 1782 Ireland Farmer, surveyor Moved to Ind. in 1811; committee for selecting new state capital; U.S. House of Representatives, 1837-1839
  William Lowe 1767 North Carolina Lawyer, associate judge of circuit court  
  Samuel Milroy August 14, 1780 Mifflin Co., Pennsylvania Carpenter, farmer, joiner, trader Moved to Washington Co. in1814; brigadier general of the militia; founded town of Delphi, Carroll Co., Ind.
  Robert McIntyre 1766 Chester Co., Pennsylvania Farmer, justice of the peace Moved to Washington Co. circa 1812; served in War of 1812; Indiana militia
Wayne Patrick Beard 1769 Londonderry, Ireland Farmer, livestock dealer Moved to Ind. circa 1813
  Jeremiah Cox March 3, 1763 Adams Co., Pennsylvania Miller, farmer, blacksmith Moved to Wayne Co. in 1806
  Hugh Cull October 1759 Havre de Grace, Maryland Methodist circuit rider Moved to Whitewater River Valley in 1805
  Joseph Holman October 1, 1788 Woodford Co., Kentucky Merchant, tanner Moved to Wayne Co. circa 1805; served in War of 1812