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Archaeology in Indiana: The Early Years

Agate Basin Projectile Point

Agate Basin projectile point

Date: circa 8,500 B.C to 7,500 B.C.

Approximate size: 4 inches by 1.25 inches

Pictured is an Agate Basin projectile point found in the Falls of the Ohio area. The point type was named from the Agate Basin site in Wyoming; the points have been found from New Mexico into the Great Lakes region. The points date from circa 8,500 B.C. to 7,500 B.C. (Justice, 33-34). This point is approximately 4 inches by 1.25 inches in size. It is made from Wyandotte chert and is light to dark blue-grey in color.
Courtesy IDNR, DHPA collections. The photograph is by James R. Jones III.