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This catalog is dedicated to the memory of the participants in the abolitionist movement in Indiana.

During this phase of "Bury Me in a Free Land: The Abolitionist Movement in Indiana 1816-1865," I have received indispensable support from many persons and institutions. Thank you to all who have helped to make this project a reality. It is only appropriate, however, that I recognize a few contributions.

When this project was only a concept, Pamela J. Bennett, director of the Indiana Historical Bureau, readily consented to assume sponsorship and to become project director. I will always remember her and her staff with a special appreciation for their part in accomplishing this endeavor.

The staff of the Indiana State Library, the Indiana Historical Society, the Indiana Committee for the Humanities, the Indiana State Museum, and the Archives and Records Administration have been exceedingly supportive and cooperative. Ramona Duncan, Carolyn Autry, Eric Pumroy, Eric Mundell, and Leigh Darbee of the Historical Society, and Marybelle Burch of the State Library, have gone beyond the call of duty in their helpfulness. Donald West, Black History Program Archivist at the Society, deserves special recognition for his part in getting this project off the ground. I must also recognize Ronald Newlin of the Indiana State Museum for his support. A special thanks to the National Council of Negro Women for going into their pockets. Payton Wells and Gardful Hendrix, how could I forget your help? Thanks. Public support for the project has also been overwhelming. I am especially grateful to the descendants of the participants in Indiana's abolitionist movement who welcomed me into their homes, and in some cases, into their families.

The project's advisory board has been wonderfully helpful, and I commend them. A special thank you to Florabelle Wilson, Monroe Little, Stan Warren, and William Johnson. The artists, who have taken historical facts and developed them into artistic illustrations, fueled my excitement. Leslie Harris, the project's community relations person has been very supportive. Also, I would be extremely remiss if I did not recognize my children, Annice and Anitra, for their understanding, cooperation, support, and love.

Thank you!

Gwen Crenshaw

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