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Bury Me in a Free Land: The Abolitionist Movement in Indiana by Gwen Crenshaw

With appreciation to the Adaptive Technology Center at Indiana University for providing the digital file of this publication.

Dedication Pages of Underground Railroad Markers

  • Lyman Hoyt
  • Eleutherian College
  • Union Church - with annotated text and the source material available online. Primary source material includes portions of "The Record of Union Church from the Commencement of the Church, August the 12th 1843," the "Reminiscences of Slavery Times Written by Grandfather Tibbets in his 70th Year" held by Historic Eleutherian Inc., Madison, Ind., and extract from Ripley County Deed Book 57.
  • Stephen S. Harding
  • Levi Coffin marker dedication
  • Georgetown (Madison, Indiana)
  • A Gateway to Freedom - marker with annotated text and the source material available online to allow the reader to view each piece of documentation that serves to support the statements on the marker.

Researching the Underground Railroad in Indiana