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George Rogers Clark - Land Allotments - Officers and Privates

The following is taken from Conquest of the Country Northwest of the River Ohio 1778-1783 and Life of Gen. George Rogers Clark by William Hayden English. The two volumes were published by The Bowen-Merrill Company, Indianapolis, Indiana, and Kansas City, Missouri, in 1897. Chapter XXI is found on pages 825 to 838. The first part of this chapter details the difficulty in compiling all of this information.

Officers and Privates who served in some of the campaigns of George Rogers Clark, but who were not allotted land in Clark's Grant and whose names are consequently not on the roll in the twenty-first chapter of this work.

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Slaughter, George


Crittenden, John


Ray, Andrew


Evans, Jesse

Fields, Benjamin

Mark, Thomas

Roberts, Benjamin


Crockett, Anthony

Ramsey, Joseph

Ravenscroft, Thomas

Roberts, John

Roberts, William

Saunders, Joseph

Slaughter, James

Slaughter, Joseph


Greene, Robert

Kincaid, Joseph


Allen, Samuel

Andree, Jean

Ballard, Bland

Ballard, Proctor

Biron, J. B.

Blearn, David

Bolton, Daniel

Bond, Shadrach or Bland

Breeden, John

Brossard, Pierre

Brown, Collin

Burne, Pierre

Campbell, George

Carbine, Henry

Clark, Adams

Decker, Jacob, died

Denton, Thomas

Drumgold, James

Durst, Daniel

Fever, William

Frazier, Abraham

Garrett, John

Goodloe, Henry

Haut, Henry, killed

Hazard, John

Hicks, David

Jamieson, Thomas

La Venture, J.

Mason, Charles

Mathews, Edward

Murony, William

Murray, Thomas

Portwood, Page

Piere, William

Ranger, J. B.

Rector, John

Rice, John

Richards, Lewis

Roberts, Benjamin

Robertson, John

Rodgers, David

Ross, James

Ross, John

Roy, Julien

Rubido, Francis, died

Ryan, Andrew

Ryan, Lazerus

Slaughter, John

Stephenson, John

Villiers, Francis, killed

Walker, John

White, Randolph

Wilson, John

Workman, Conrad

Young, John


Ballard, James

Blein, Pierre

Bowen, William

Cameron, James

Hawkins, Samuel

Hain, William

Sills, Samuel

Crutcher, Henry, vol. and q.m.


Lovell, Richard


Conley, Thomas

Poores, Archer


Harrison, James

Leney, Thomas

Mulby, William

Smith, Josiah


Hopkins, Richard

Hupp, Phillip


Abbott, William, Sr.

Abbott, William, Jr.

Adams, Francis

Allen, Isaac

Allen, John, Sr.

Allen, John, Jr.

Allery, Joseph

Alonton, Jacob

Anderson, John

Antier, Francis

Apperson, Richard

Asher, Bartlett

Back, John

Ballard, Bland William

Ballenger, Larkin

Barber, John

Barny, William (or Barry)

Bender, John

Bender, Lewis, died

Bender, Robert

Berard, _______

Berry, William

Bigraw, Alexander

Bingamore, Adam

Binkley, William

Bird, Samuel

Blair, John

Blancher, Pierre

Blearn, David

Bollinger, James

Boss, David (or Bass)

Bouche, John

Bowman, Christian

Brazer, Peter

Breeden, Richard

Brenton, Thomas (or Benton)

Bressie, Richard

Brown, Asher

Brown, Calvin

Brown, John

Brown, Lewis

Brown, Low

Brush, Thomas

Bulcher, Gasper (or Butcher)

Burbridge, John, died

Burbridge, William, died

Burk, George

Burney, Simon (or Burnley)

Bush, John (or Brush)

Bush, Drewry (or Brush)

Buskey, Francis

Burris, John

Butler, John

Butts, William (prisoner)

Cabbage, Joseph

Cabbassie, B.

Calvin, Daniel

Campo, Lewis

Campo, Michael

Chambers, Ellick

Chapman, Edward

Chapman, Richard

Chick, William, killed

Clark, John

Clairmount, Michael

Cochran, Edward

Cochran, George

Cocles, Andrew

Coffee, Samuel

Compera, Francis

Compera, Lewis

Conn, John

Conroy, Patrick

Contraw, Francis

Convance, Paul

Cooper, Joseph

Cooper, Ramsey

Coontz, Christopher

Corder, James (or Cordew)

Corneilla, Patrick

Corus, John (or Corns)

Coste, J. D. De

Cowan, Andrew

Cowan, Mason

Cowen, Dennis

Cowdry, John

Cowgill, Daniel

Cox, James

Crane, John, St.

Crawley, John

Cure, Jean Baptist

Damewood, Boston

Dardy, John

Darnell Cornelius

Davis, Joseph

Day, William

Dean, James, died

Decrand, P.

Denerchelle, Lewis (or Druiechelle)

Detering, Jacob

Doherty, Edward

Doherty, Frederick

Doherty, John

Dolphin, Peter

Doud, Rodger

Donovan, John

Donow, Joseph

Doyle, John

Dulhoneau, Pierre

Duncan, Archibald

Duncan, Benjamin

Duncan, Charles

Duncan, David

Duncan, Joseph

Duncan, Nimrod

Duncan, Samuel

Durrett, James

Durrett, William

Dusablong, B.

Duselle, Mons.

Eatis, James

English, Robert

Evans, Stanhope

Fache, Lewis (or Foche)

Field, Daniel, died

Farers, John

Field, Lewis, prisoner

Foster, Henry

Freeman, Peter

Gagnia, Jacque

Gains, William (or Garner)

Gains, John

Gallagan, Owen

Garuldon, Baptist (or Gauchdon)

George, John

Germain, J. B.

Gibbons, Samuel

Guion, S. Frederick

Gognia, Pierre

Gomier, Abraham (or Gaunia)

Goodwin, Amos

Goodwin, Edward

Gordon, John

Graham, James

Gratiol, Jean (or Gratiott)

Green, James, died

Greenwood, Daniel

Grolet, Francis, Sen.

Grolet, Francis, Jr.

Grimshire, John

Guess, John (or Gist)

Hall, William

Hart, Miles

Hawley, Richard

Hays, James

Head, James

Hendrix, Andrew

Heyworth, Berry (or Heywood)

Hicks, Mordica, died

Hico, Peter, Sen.

Hico, Peter, Jr.

Hildebrand, James

Hite, George

Hobbs, James

Holler, Francis

Hollis, Joshua

Horn, Christopher

Horn, Jeremiah

Horton, Adin (or Aaron)

Houndsler, Charles

Howell, Peter

Howell, William

Huffman, Jacob

Irby, David

Jewell, Charles

Jewell, John

Jones, Edward

Johnston, Samuel

Kemp, Reuben

Kennedy, David

Kerr, William

Kidd, Robert

Kina, Christopher

Kincade, James

King, George

King, Nicholas

Kirk, Thomas

Kirkley, James

La Belle, Charles

La Casse, Jacque

Lafaro, Francis

Lafaston, Francis

Laform, John

Lafour, Pierre (or Laflour)

Lamarch, Beauvard

Lamarch, J. B.

Lamarch, Lewis

La Paint, Lewis

Larose, Francis

Lasant, Joseph

Lasley, John

Laubrau, _______

Laughlin, Peter

Lavigm, Joseph

Laviolette, Baptist

Laviolette, Louis

L'Enfant, Francis

Lenay, John

Lenay, Thomas, killed

Lewis, Benjamin

Lewis, James

Lockhart, Achibald

Logan, Hugh

Long, William

Lunsford, Anthony

Lyon, Jacob

McClain, Thomas

McClure, Patrick

McDaniel, Thomas

McDonald, James

McDonald, Thomas

McGuire, John

Macintosh, James

McKin, James

McKinney, John

McLockland, Charles

McMichaels, John

McMickle, John

McMullen, James

McQuiddy, Thomas

Maid, Ebenezer, killed

Mailone, J. B.

Maisonville, Mons., De.

Malbeff, Joseph

Malbroff, Joseph

Marsh, John

Marshall, William

Martin, Elijah

Martin, Joseph

Martin, Pierre

Martin, Solomon

Maurisette, M.

Mayfield, Elijah

Mayfield, Isaac

Mayfield, James

Meadows, Josiah

Miller, John

Milton, Daniel (or Wilton)

Missie, Bernard

Montgomery, Edward

Montgomery, William

Moran, Peter (or Mauron)

Monet, J. B.

Morris, Jacob

Morris, James, died

Morris, William

Mumnailly, Joseph

Munrony, Sylvester

Munam, Joseph

Mustache, _______

Nave, Conrad (or Nan)

Nash, Francis

Neal, John

Nelson, John

Nelson, Moses

Nobbs, Mark

Oates, Samuel

O'Fin, James

Oliver, John

Oliver, Lewis

Oliver, Turner

Owdidd, Lewis (or Ordett)

Paquin, Francis

Parault, Peter

Parisiewne, Baptist

Patterson, John

Patterson, William

Panther, Joseph

Payne, Adam

Payne, William

Pellot, Charles

Penett, Joshua, or M. Peepin

Peltier, Joseph

Pepin, John, killed

Philips, Henry

Porter, Ebenezer

Potter, James

Potter, William

Powell, Micajah

Puncrass, Francis

Puncrass, Joseph

Rabey, Cader

Randall, Robert

Richards, Dick

Riley, Patrick

Rubido, James (or Rubideau)

Ruschan, Francis

Russell, Benjamin

Rutherford, Larkin

Roberts, Elias

Roberts, Joseph

Robinson, Richard

Rodgers, Joseph

Savage, Bryan

Savage, Dominick

Scates, David

Searay, John, (or Searcy)

Seare, William

Sennilt, Richard

Severage, John (or Severns)

Shannon, William

Shank, Jacob

Shank, John

Sharlock, James (or Sherlock)

Shoemaker, Leonard

Ship, William

Siburn, Christopher

Sigonier, Francis

Slaughter, George

Smith, David

Smith, Joseph

Smith, Randal

Smithers, John (or Smothers)

Smock, Henry

Snellock, Thomas

Sowers, Frederick

Spencer, John

St. Mary, Baptiste

St. Michaels,

Stoball, Thomas

Taylor, Benjamin

Taylor, Edward

Taylor, James

Taylor, Thomas

Teliaferro, Richard C.

Thomas, Edward

Thompson, James

Thorinigton, Joseph

Tillis, Griffin

Toley, Daniel

Trantham, Martin

Triplett, Pettis

Turpen, Richard, killed

Tuttle, Nicholas

Underhill, James

Veale, Peter

Villard, Isaac

Vonshiner, Thomas

Waddengton, John

Waggoner, Peter, died

Wallace, David

Walters, Lewis

Ward, Thomas

Ward, Lewis

Wemate, J. B.

West, John

Wethers, Benjamin

Wheat, Jacob

Wheel, Jacob

Wheeler, John

Whitacre, David

White, William

Whitten, Daniel

Wilkinson, William

Williams, George

Williams, Zachariah

Wilton, Daniel

Winsor, Christopher

Wood, Charles

Wray, Thomas

Wright, William (or Weight)

Zimmerman, Frederick

Officers of Crockett's Regiment


Crockett, Joseph


Walz, George


Greer, Charles


Chapman, John, killed

Cherry, William

Curney, John

Kinley, Benjamin, died

Moore, Peter

Tipton, Abraham

Young, Thomas


Daring, Henry

Green, Samuel Ball

McGovock, Hugh

It has already been stated in the body of this work that the list therein given of officers and soldiers who were allotted lands in Clark's Grant, for service in reducing the British posts, is believed to be correct, but that no such claim for accuracy is made for the list of those who served in other campaigns and were not allotted land in Clark's Grant. In fact, taking into consideration the number of General Clark's campaigns against the Indians and the number of men who participated in them, it is very probable that the names of some of them are not in the above list. Of this class may be given the following names mentioned in Reynold's Pioneer History of Illinois as having served under George Rogers Clark:

Atcheson, George

Biggs, William

Dodge, _______

Garrison, James

Groots, _______

Jarrot, Nicholas

McDonough, Stace

Moore, James

Piggot, James

Seybold, Robert

Wadde, David