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Clark's Death

George Rogers Clark

Portrait by Joseph Henry Bush. Courtesy of Historic Locust Grove, Inc.

Kentucky artist, Joseph Henry Bush (c.1794-1865), painted Clark at Locust Grove shortly before Clark's death in 1818. Bush became a well-known portrait artist in Kentucky and Louisiana.

Only 65 years old when the portrait was completed, Clark looks much older because of his poor health.

Additional information about Bush may be found at http://lsm.crt.state.la.us/painting/bush.htm.

Commentaries on the Death of George Rogers Clark - Vincennes Western Sun

George Rogers Clark Gravestone

Courtesy of Leroy F. Squires and Cave Hill National Cemetery.

George Rogers Clark was buried in the Croghan family burial ground at Locust Grove in 1818.

On October 29, 1869, Clark's body, and those of other family members, were reinterred at Cave Hill Cemetery, Louisville, Kentucky.

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