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Portrait Locations

In July 2009, the Indiana State Museum was designated [IC 14-20-16-1] custodian of the Indiana Governors' Portraits Collection.  Contact at the Indiana State Museum is Kara S. Vetter, Registrar,

The Indiana Historical Bureau continues to maintain this information in cooperation with the Indiana State Museum.  Updated location information is generally provided to IHB annually.  Last update: 5/21/2014.

Attorney General's office State House room 219

  • Issac Pusey Gray
  • Abram Adams Hammond
  • William Henry Harrison by Barton Stone Hays
  • William Hendricks
  • Alvin Peterson Hovey
  • Warren Terry McCray
  • Noah Noble
  • David Wallace
  • James Whitcomb
  • Joseph Albert Wright

Auditor of State State House room 240

  • Ralph F. Gates

Governor's inner office State House room 206

  • Thomas Riley Marshall
  • Oliver Perry Morton by James Forbes
  • Robert Dunkerson Orr
  • Jonathan Jennings by Theodore Clement Steele
  • William Henry Harrison by Theodore Clement Steele
  • Thomas Andrews Hendricks by T.C. Steele

Governor's outer office State House room 206

  • Evan Bayh
  • Otis R. Bowen
  • Frank O'Bannon
  • Joseph E. Kernan
  • Edgar D. Whitcomb
  • Mitch Daniels

House Ways and Means Committee State House room 404

  • Thomas Andrews Hendricks by William R. Freeman
  • Ashbel Parsons Willard
  • James Putnam Goodrich
  • Jonathan Jennings by James Forbes

Indiana State Library and Historical Building room 401

  • Paris Chipman Dunning
  • James Brown Ray

Lieutenant Governor's inner office State House room 333

  • Oliver Perry Morton by T.C. Steele

Office of Management and Budget State House room 212

  • James Frank Hanly

Secretary of State's office State House room 201

State House room 401-A

  • Edward L. Jackson

State House room 401-D

  • Henry Frederick Schricker by Randolph LaSalle Coats

Treasurer of State's office State House room 242

  • Emmett Forrest Branch
  • George N. Craig
  • Harold W. Handley
  • Henry Smith Lane
  • Claude Matthews
  • Thomas Posey
  • Henry Frederick Schricker by Marie Goth
  • Maurice Clifford Townsend

Indiana State Museum

  • James Douglas Williams
  • Ratliff Boon
  • James Atwell Mount
  • Conrad Baker
  • Winfield Taylor Durbin
  • Harry Guyer Leslie
  • Paul Vories McNutt
  • Roger D. Branigin
  • Matthew E. Welsh
  • Albert Gallatin Porter
  • Samuel Bigger
  • Ira Joy Chase
  • Samuel Moffett Ralston