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Proclamation: Announcing that Indiana Territory had passed to the second grade

On December 5, 1804, Harrison proclaimed Indiana Territory's advance to the "second or representative grade of Government": (16)

December 5, 1804

Executive Journal, 11

Returns of the Election held on the 11th Sept. last in the several Counties, having been made to the office of the Secretary of the Territory (that of the County of Wayne excepted in which there was no Election in Consequence of the proclamation not arriving in time), and [it] appearing that there was a majority of one hundred and thirty Eight Freeholders in favor of the proposed Change of Government, the Governor Issued a proclamation in which he makes known and Declares the said Indiana Territory is and from henceforth shall be deemed to have passed into the second or representative grade of Government, and that the Good people of the Territory, from the date thereof are entitled to all the rights and privileges belonging to that situation, and further appoints that on Thursday the third day of January next an Election shall be held in each of the several Counties in the Territory respectively for the purpose of choosing the members of the house of Representatives and that the said house of representatives shall be composed of nine members of which there shall be Elected from the County of Knox Two from the County St. Clair one from the County of Randolph one from the County of Clark one from the County of Wayne three & from the County of Dearborn one, and that the said representatives Elected and every of them should meet at the Town of Vincennes on the first day of February next for the purpose of choosing members for the Legislative Council agreeable to the ordinance for the Government of the Territory.

(16) Esarey, Messages and Letters of Harrison, I, 112-13.