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Northwest Ordinance Bibliography

Taken from Lessons on the Northwest Ordinance of 1787
Learning materials for secondary school courses in American history, government, and civics
by John J. Patrick
developed by the ERIC Clearinghouse for Social Studies/Social Science Education
September 1987

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The following bibliography on the 1787 Northwest Ordinance has been prepared especially for secondary school teachers of American history, government, and civics. These books and journal articles might be used by teachers as background reading in preparation for teaching lessons in this volume. They might also be assigned as extra reading by students interested in extending their knowledge of ideas treated in these lessons.

A few items in this bibliography include an ED number, which identifies them as resources in the ERIC (Educational Resources Information Center) system. These resources are available from the ERIC Document Reproduction Service (EDRS). Contact: EDRS: telephone 800-443-3742; e-mail:; Web site: ( Abstracts and descriptive information on these ERIC documents are published in Resources in Education (RIE). Most ERIC documents are available for viewing in microfiche at libraries that subscribe to the ERIC collection as well as in a searchable database at their Web site.

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