Historical Marker Stage 3 Reviews

In 2007, the Indiana Historical Bureau began a review of the accuracy of the texts of all of its State Historical Markers. Markers not up to standards will have a report that addresses one or more of the following: correct errors; provide more information, context, or interpretation; explain problems or questions raised by further research.

Markers currently under review include:

ID Historical Marker County Review
01.1977.1 The Wayne Trace Adams Review
02.1963.1 Camp Allen 1861-64 Allen Review
02.1966.1 Site of Hardin’s Defeat Allen Review
06.1962.1 Patrick H. Sullivan, 1794-1879 Boone Review
6.1985.1 & 6.1985.2 Boone County REMC - 1 | 2 Boone Review
08.1963.1 Sycamore Row Carroll Review
09.1966.1 Wabash & Erie Canal Cass Review
10.194?.1 Clarksville Clark Review
14.1993.1 Burial Site of Captain Eli McCarty Daviess Review
15.1966.1 Kibbey’s Road Daviess Review
18.1981.1 First Indiana Gas Well Delaware Review
24.1949.1 Little Cedar Grove Baptist Church Franklin Review
24.1965.1 Whetzel Trace (1818-1823) Franklin Review
24.1971.1 Academy of the Immaculate Conception Franklin Review
24.1995.1 Old Franklin United Brethren Church Franklin Review
27.1972.1 Miami Indian Cemetery Grant Review
27.1992.1 Former Narrow Gauge Railroad/Railroad Construction Grant Review
27.1995.1 J. W. Patterson House Grant Review
27.1995.2 The Village of Trask Grant Review
31.1961.1 Battle of Corydon - July 9, 1863 Harrison Review
31.1965.3 Governor’s Headquarters Harrison Review
31.1980.1 Corydon United Methodist Church Harrison Review
31.1992.1 Cedar Glade Harrison Review
32.1972.1 Western Yearly Meetinghouse Hendricks Review
33.1976.1 Underground Station Henry Review
35.1949.1 Pioneer Medical Doctors / Chase S. Osborn Huntington Review
35.1979.2 The "Lime City" Huntington Review
42.1966.1 Shakertown Knox Review
43.1962.1 Papakeechie’s Reserve Kosciusko Review