Central Region Indiana Heritage Cemeteries

See cemeteries marked by Cemetery Heritage Signs below (alphabetical by county).  Images, directions, and links are provided, where available.  If you have images or links to add, please email our Web Manager.

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Cemetery  Established  Images and Links 
 Hutton Memorial Cemetery  1860
 Old Cemetery  1829


Cemetery   Established   Images and Links  
 Aroma Cemetery  1886  
 Anti-Slavery Friends Cemetery  1845

More about this Cemetery at

Westfield Washington Historical Society & Museum

Carey Cemetery 1854
 Colip Cemetery  1830


 Cemetery  Established    Images and Links 
 Alford Cemetery  circa 1855
 Chappel-Shore Cemetery  circa 1871
 Pratt Cemetery  circa 1846


Cemetery   Established   Images and Links  
 Beeler Family Cemetery  1828
 Big Run Baptist Church Cemetery  1854
 Brady Burial Grounds  1841
 Clermont Cemetery  1849  
 Ebenezer Lutheran Church Cemetery  1836  
 Fall Creek Union Cemetery  1813  
 Freeman Cemetery  circa 1840-49
 Huntington Cemetery  circa 1835-45
 Kitley-King Cemetery  circa 1890-93
 Liberty Baptist Church Cemetery  1828
 Luebking Cemetery  circa 1850-55
 Mount Pleasant Cemetery  circa 1855-60
 Newby Cemetery  1851  
 Old Trails Cemetery  circa 1830-40
 Rhode Cemetery  circa 1860-65
 Union Chapel Cemetery  1822  
 Vansickle (Van Sickle) Cemetery  1836
 White Cemetery  circa 1850-55
 Wright-Gentry-Whitesell Cemetery  1841


 Cemetery   Established   Images and Links 
 Powell Cemetery 1842 
 Lisher Cemetery 1835