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Who's Who

Patrick Henry, Governor of Virginia

Thomas Jefferson, Virginia statesman and lawyer

George Mason, Virginia statesman and lawyer

George Wythe, Virginia statesman and lawyer

Illinois Regiment

Colonel George Rogers Clark (later Brigadier-General)

Major Joseph Bowman

Lieutenant John Bailey (promoted to captain)

Captain Leonard Helm

Captain Richard McCarty (W. in Clark's Memoir)

Captain John Rodgers (Rogers in Clark's Memoir)

Captain John Williams

Captain Edward Worthington (Wetherington in Bowman's Journal)


Lieutenant Governor Henry Hamilton, Commander of Fort Detroit

John Hay, Militia Major

Guillaume La Mothe, Captain of Volunteer Militia Company


François Bosseron, mayor of Vincennes, banker, merchant, elected captain of French militia, commissioned a major by Clark

William Clark, George's younger brother, member of the Lewis and Clark expedition, later Governor of Missouri Territory

William Clark, George's cousin, surveyor-in-chief of Clark's grant, trustee of Clarksville

Lucy Croghan, sister of George Rogers Clark, wife of William Croghan

William Croghan, husband of Lucy, brother-in-law of George Rogers Clark

Father Pierre Gibault, missionary priest of the Illinois Country, loyal to Americans

Francis Maisonville, Detroit boatwright, loyal to British

Tobacco's Son, influential Piankashaw

Francis Vigo, Spanish merchant, loyal to Americans

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