George Rogers Clark - Descendants

The following is taken from Conquest of the Country Northwest of the River Ohio 1778-1783 and Life of Gen. George Rogers Clark by William Hayden English. The two volumes were published by The Bowen-Merrill Company, Indianapolis, Indiana, and Kansas City, Missouri, in 1897. Portions of an appendix found on pages 1142 - 1153.

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Descendants of George Rogers Clark's brothers and sisters.

Descendants of Gen. Jonathan Clark and Sarah Hite

The star (*) indicates that the person was dead in 1895.


1. Eleanor Eltinge,* married Rev. Benjamin Temple.*

2. John Hite, died unmarried

3. Isaac, died unmarried

4. Mary, died in childhood

5. Ann,* married James Anderson Pearce.*

6. William,* married Frances Ann Tompkins.*

7. George Washington,* married Martha Price  

Descendants of Ann Clark (Eldest sister of George Rogers Clark) and Owen Gwathmey


John; Temple; Samuel; Diana Moore; Ann (married Wm. Booth, no children); Elizabeth; Benjamin and Lucy (twins); George; Isaac R.; Frances Matilda; Catharine.  

Children of William Croghan and Lucy Clark

John; Nicholas; Charles; Edward; William; Ann; George.  Descendants of Elizabeth Clark and Richard Clough Anderson

Richard Clough, Jr. (married Elizabeth Gwathmey, no family); Elizabeth; Cecilia; Ann (married John Logan).  

Descendants of Governor William Clark


Governor Clark was first married to Miss Julia Hancock of Fincastle, Virginia, January 5, 1808. She died June 27, 1820, and on the 28th November, 1821, he married Mrs. Harriet Kennerly Radford* of St. Louis, Missouri. His children by the first wife were:

1, Meriwether Lewis Clark* (married, first, Abby Churchill, had seven children, second, Julia Davidson, who had no children by him); 2, William Preston*; 3, Mary Margaret*; 4, George Rogers Hancock*; 5, John Julius*

By the second wife he had, 1, Jefferson Kearney (who married Miss Mary Susan Glasgow, May 8, 1849); and 2. Edmund,* who died unmarried.  

Descendants of Frances Eleanor, youngest sister of George Rogers Clark

Descendants of Frances Eleanor Clark and Dr. James O'Fallon ( her first husband).

John; Benjamin

Children by second husband, Captain Charles Mynn Thruston.

Charles William; Ann Clark.

Children by third husband, Judge Dennis Fitzhugh

Clark (married Susan Rudd, had one daughter, Ann Clark); Lucy (married Henry Sydney Coxe).