Riley on Riley - Bibliography

A Note Regarding Resources: Items are listed on this page that enhance work with the topic discussed. Some older items, especially, may include dated practices and ideas that are no longer generally accepted. Resources reflecting current practices are noted whenever possible

Student Reading

Augarde, Tony. The Oxford Guide to Word Games. Oxford: Oxford University Press, 1984.
History of word games, including poetry games.

Cosman, Anna. How to Read and Write Poetry. New York: Franklin Watts, 1979.
A delightful introduction to poetry for readers of any age.

Harris, Aurand. Ride A Blue Horse. New Orleans: Anchorage Press, Inc., 1986.
Riley’s youth is examined in this play written for student audiences. It is available on inter-library loan from the library at Indiana University-Purdue University at Indianapolis. Ask your local librarian for assistance.

Livingston, Myra Cohn. Poem-Making: Ways to Begin Writing Poetry. New York: HarperCollins Publishers, 1991.
Different types of poetry and mechanics of writing poetry for a middle-school or young adult reader.

Nolan, Jeannette Covert. James Whitcomb Riley: Hoosier Poet. New York: Julian Messner, Inc., 1941.
Comprehensive biography suitable for middle-school to young adult readers.

General Sources

Dickey, Marcus. The Maturity of James Whitcomb Riley. Indianapolis: The Bobbs-Merrill Company, 1922.
Dickey, Riley’s secretary, begins with Riley’s first solo public appearance in 1874 and follows his career until his death in 1916. Good Riley quotations.

___________ . The Youth of James Whitcomb Riley. Indianapolis: The Bobbs-Merrill Company, 1919.
Gives a detailed, but romantic look at Riley’s childhood and early careers. Wonderful stories and quotations.

Hopkins, Lee Bennett. Pass the Poetry, Please! New York: Harper & Row, Publishers,1987.
An interesting resource for teachers.

Koch, Kenneth. Wishes, Lies, and Dreams: Teaching Children To Write Poetry. New York: Chelsea House Publishers, [1970].
Delightful suggestions for attracting children to writing poetry.

Phelps, William Lyon, ed. Letters of James Whitcomb Riley. Indianapolis: The Bobbs-Merrill Company, 1930.
Contains letters written 1876-1915, many to his friends, the most influential literary writers of the time. Gives insight into Riley as a man and reveals his wonderful sense of humor.

Riley, James Whitcomb. Complete Works. Memorial ed. Indianapolis: The Bobbs-Merrill Company, 1916. 10 volumes.
Includes poems and prose sketches, illustrated.
There are many editions of Riley’s work. Indiana University Press has an edition of Riley’s complete work and a book of selections from Riley’s work.

Russo, Anthony J., and Dorothy R. Russo. A Bibliography of James Whitcomb Riley. Indianapolis: Indiana Historical Society, 1944.
A wonderful resource for anyone researching Riley’s work. Publication information with detailed footnotes.

Shumaker, Arthur W. A History of Indiana Literature. Indianapolis: Indiana Historical Bureau, 1962.
Details significant contributions of Indiana authors to American literature.

Of Special Interest
The James Whitcomb Riley Lockerbie Street Home, 528 Lockerbie Street, Indianapolis, IN 46202; 317-631-5885.

James Whitcomb Riley Birthplace and Museum, 250 W. Main Street, Greenfield, IN 46140.

Special Thanks
To Elizabeth J. Van Allen, James Whitcomb Riley Memorial Association History Project.

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