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Henry Hamilton's Journal

Henry Hamilton PortraitHamilton's Journal is taken from Henry Hamilton and George Rogers Clark in the American Revolution with The Unpublished Journal of Lieut. Gov. Henry Hamilton, edited by John D. Barnhart and published by R. E. Banta, Crawfordsville, Indiana, 1951.

In making the following transcription of Hamilton's Journal certain problems were met for which there did not seem to be an entirely satisfactory solution. Hamilton was quite inconsistent in respect to capitalization, punctuation, French accents, and paragraphing. A serious effort has been made to reproduce the Journal as Hamilton wrote it, but in regard to these items it is impossible to pretend to be exact. It is also quite possible that a few words have been transcribed incorrectly for Hamilton's writing is not always as legible as might be desired. It is believed that the meaning of the Journal has been reproduced without change. The division into chapters and the addition of chapter headings are the work of the editor and are not in the original.

Footnotes are in parentheses in the text.