The Borden Legacy - Bibliography

Borden, W[illiam] W. Borden's Leadville: A Treatise on Leadville, Colorado. New Albany, IN: Frank A. Cannon, [circa 1880].
Written after he returned from Leadville, Borden addressed this detailed guide to individuals thinking of making the trip west.

[Borden, William W.] Catalogue of the Borden Museum. New Albany, IN: The Tribune Company, Printers, 1901.
Excellent source of information on Borden, his life, and the times in which he lived. Quotations throughout this issue, unless otherwise noted, are from this source.

"Historical and Picturesque Indiana. Clark County." The Indianian, 5:1 (January 1900), 2-37.
Interesting article on the history of Clark County, which includes information and photographs of the Borden Institute.

O'Connell, Brian, ed. America's Voluntary Spirit: A Book of Readings. New York: The Foundation Center, 1983.
Provides useful discussions of the changing perceptions of philanthropy.

Reminiscences of New Providence, 1884-1994: A Collection of Stories About People, Places, and Events In and Around The Village of New Providence. [Salem, IN: Leader Publishing Co., 1994].
This booklet contains newspaper articles, photographs, and other sources of information about Borden, the Borden Institute, and the Borden Museum.
According to Shirley Nolot-Borden resident, Wood Township Trustee, and active leader in saving the Borden Museum-a group of volunteers-called The Compilers-"wanted this information in a book for historical purposes."

Wilson, W[illiam] E[arl]. A History of Borden Institute. Terre Haute, IN: Teachers College Press, 1931.
Very informative look at Borden, his school, and museum. Quotes many Borden publications. Section of excellent quotations from former Borden Institute students.

Further Reading on Education

The four books listed below are some sources for information on education in Indiana.

Boone, Richard G. A History of Education In Indiana. Indianapolis: Indiana Historical Bureau, reprint 1941. First published in 1892.

Mattingly, Paul H., and Edward W. Stevens, Jr., eds. ". . . Schools and The Means of Education Shall Forever Be Encouraged." A History of Education in the Old Northwest, 1787-1880. Athens, OH: Ohio University Libraries, 1987.

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Thornbrough, Emma Lou. Indiana in the Civil War Era, 1850-1880. Indianapolis: Indiana Historical Bureau and Indiana Historical Society, 1965.

Further Reading

Doris, Ellen. Entomology. New York: Thames and Hudson, 1993.
Contains tips on how to begin a collection, advice that can transfer to other types of collectible materials.

Finn, David. How to Visit a Museum. New York: Harry N. Abrams, Inc., 1985.
An interesting book suitable for adults or older students.

Fisher, Leonard Everett. The Schools. New York: Holiday House, 1983.
A history of schools in the nineteenth century for intermediate readers.

Kalman, Bobbie. Early Schools. Toronto/New York: Crabtree Publishing Co., 1982.
An easy-to-read overview of early education with many graphics.

Pollard, Michael. Pioneers in History: People Who Care. Ada, OK: Garrett Educational Corporation, 1992.
Easy-to-read, brief biographies of individuals who have tried to improve the lives of others; includes a time line and glossary.

Smith, Carter, ed. The Riches of the West: A Sourcebook on the American West. Brookfield, CT: The Millbrook Press, 1992.
This excellent work uses photographs and maps from the Library of Congress collection.

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A good introductory work for younger readers.

Williams, Brian. Mining. Austin, TX: Raintree, Steck-Vaughn, 1993.
Presents students with an easy to understand overview of the mining industry.

For More Information

The Borden Museum still contains some of the books from the original collection. There are a few artifacts on display that were donated after Borden's death. Tours are available by appointment only. Call Shirley Nolot, Wood Township Trustee, at 812-923-8228.