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Archaeology in Indiana - the Early Years - Bibliography

A Note Regarding Resources: Items are listed on this page that enhance work with the topic discussed. Some older items, especially, may include dated practices and ideas that are no longer generally accepted. Resources reflecting current practices are noted whenever possible.

Barnhart, John D., and Dorothy L. Riker. Indiana to 1816: The Colonial Period. Indianapolis, 1971.
Standard source for Indiana history during this period.

Black, Glenn A. Angel Site: An Archaeological, Historical, and Ethnological Study. 2 vols. Indianapolis, 1967.
The classic work on Angel Mounds. Reading is technical and recommended for adults. Many illustrations.

Carmony, Donald F. Indiana, 1816-1850: The Pioneer Era. Indianapolis, 1998.
Standard source for Indiana history during this period.

Chronology of Selected Historical Events in Late 17th-19th Century Indiana. IDNR, DHPA.

Grun, Bernard. The Timetables of History. Third ed. New York, 1991
Comprehensive chronology of world history.

Guernsey, E. Y. "Archaeological Survey of Lawrence County." Indiana History Bulletin, Extra No. (July 1924).
Excellent report on the archaeological survey by Guernsey.

Hamy, E.-T., Milton Haber, trans., H. F. Raup, ed. The Travels of the Naturalist Charles A. Lesueur in North America, 1815-1837. Kent, Ohio, 1968.

Hellemans, Alexander, and Bryan Bunch. The Timetables of Science. New York, 1988.
Chronology of significant achievements in science history.

Justice, Noel D. Stone Age Spear and Arrow Points of the Midcontinental and Eastern United States: A Modern Survey and Reference. Bloomington, Ind., 1987.

Kellar, James H. An Introduction to the Prehistory of Indiana. Indianapolis, 1983.
Highly recommended for secondary level and adults.

Lilly, Eli. Prehistoric Antiquities of Indiana. Indianapolis, 1937.
A classic on the subject. Adult reading.

MacLean, J. Arthur. "Excavation of Albee Mound . . . ." Indiana History Bulletin, 4: Extra No. 3 (May 1927).

MacLean, J. Arthur. "Excavation of Albee Mound, 1926-1927 . . . ." Indiana History Bulletin, 8:4 (January 1931), 89-176.
Excellent reports on the archaeological surveys by MacLean.

Madison, James H. Eli Lilly: A Life, 1885-1977. Indianapolis, 1989.
Excellent chapter on Lilly and archaeology.

Michael, Ronald L. "Indiana Archaeology: 1800-1930." Indiana Archaeological Bulletin, 1:4 (1976), 65-85.
General overview of early history.

Outline of Selected Characteristics of Prehistoric Cultures in Indiana. IDNR, DHPA.

Phillips, Clifton J. Indiana in Transition: The Emergence of an Industrial Commonwealth, 1880-1920. Indianapolis, 1968.
Standard source for Indiana history during this time.

Renfrew, Colin, and Paul Bahn. Archaeology: Theories, Methods, and Practice. New York, 1991.
A comprehensive examination of the science of archaeology.

Setzler, Frank M. "The Archaeology of the Whitewater Valley." Indiana History Bulletin, 7:12 (September 1930).
Excellent report on the archaeological survey by Setzler.

Smith, Dudley. The Mound Builders of Indiana and The Mounds State Park . . . . [Indianapolis], 1932.
An Indiana Department of Conservation publication.

Additional resources

Folsom, Franklin, and Mary Elting Folsom. America's Ancient Treasures. Fourth ed. Albuquerque, N.Mex., 1993.
Guide to North American museums and archaeological sites. Recommended for secondary level and adults.

Jones, James R., III, and Amy L. Johnson. Early Peoples of Indiana. Indianapolis, 1999.
A useful overview from IDNR, DHPA.

Internet resources

Indiana Department of Natural Resources, Division of Historic Preservation and Archaeology

Indiana Historical Bureau

Glenn A. Black Laboratory of Archaeology, Indiana University

Selected student resources

Avi-Yonah, Michael. Dig This! How Archaeologists Uncover Our Past. Minneapolis, 1993.
Includes methods, pioneers, and general history. Color photographs, index, glossary, and pronunciation glossary; intermediate students.

Cork, Barbara, and Struan Reid. Archaeology. Tulsa, Okla., 1991.
Excellent overview. Part of the Usborne Young Scientist series.

Finney, Susan, and Patricia Kindle. American Indians: Pueblo to Potlatch, Totems to Tepees. Parsippany, N.J., 1985.
An independent learning unit for grades 4-8.

Hackwell, W. John. Diving to the Past: Recovering Ancient Wrecks. New York, 1988.
Explores marine archaeology--how scientists locate, explore, excavate, and preserve ancient shipwrecks; intermediate students.

McIntosh, Jane. Archeology. New York, 1994.
Limited text but spectacular photographs; all students; Eyewitness Books series.

Porell, Bruce. Digging the Past: Archaeology in Your Own Backyard. Reading, Mass., 1979.
Stories, activities, and games; intermediate students.

Sterling, Mary Ellen. Archaeology. Huntington Beach, Calif., 1994.
A thematic unit at the "challenging" level.

Stones and Bones! How Archaeologists Trace Human Origins. Minneapolis, 1994.
Prepared by Runestone Press Geography Department; describes how early humans may have lived and are studied; intermediate students.