Aviation in Indiana - Bibliography

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Comprehensive, easy-to-read timeline of American history.

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Contains chronology of most significant achievements in science history.

Historical marker files, Indiana Historical Bureau.
The Historical Bureau maintains an individual file for each Indiana state format historical marker. Files vary, but may contain copies of resources, application materials, and research papers.

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Very informative, easy-to-read and understand chapter on Purdue and aviation.

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Brochure; place to start for further research.

Additional Resources

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Gives personal insight into many of Indiana's early pilots.

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Good general information.

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General, but informative and comprehensive in its topics.

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Provides insight into a fascinating Hoosier.

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Very good timeline and bibliography.

Indiana Challenger Centers for Space Science Education
Contact for more information: Brownsburg Community School Corporation, Harris Elementary School, 725 South Green Street, Brownsburg, IN 46112, telephone 317-858-4106; and Purdue University-Calumet, 2200 169th Street, Hammond, IN 46323-2094, telephone 219-989-2323 (opening projected January 1999).

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Useful resource for further research.

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Very useful for research on Bell.

Suggested student resources

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Traces the history of human flight from Greek mythology to the space shuttle. Related activities are included in easy-to-read language.

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Historic photographs and documents are included; for intermediate readers. Ideas and experiments that led to the first powered flight in 1903 are described.

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An easy-to-read biography focusing on the training and career of this Indiana native.

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Includes profiles of four female aviators; the Ninety-Nines, an association of female pilots; and the record-setting flights of Amelia Earhart and other female aviation pioneers. For intermediate readers.

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Illustrated projects, demonstrating the properties of flight. Appropriate for any age reader. Make it Work series.

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Traces the evolution of the airplane from the first flying machine to supersonic jets; wonderful illustrations. Timelines series.

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This easy-to-read work details earliest attempts at flight; includes illustrations and projects to demonstrate flight principles.

Special thanks to the following individuals:

  • Mary Anthrop, Archivist, Tippecanoe County Historical Association.
  • Deb Taylor, Indianapolis Motor Speedway Museum.
  • Sergeant Richard Kirk, Field Enforcement Division, Aviation Section, Indiana State Police.
  • R. Troy Allen, "Project Takeoff," Aviation Division, Indiana Department of Transportation. Contact Allen at 317-232-1494 for information on school aviation programs.