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Eligibility Requirements

WIC Eligibility

Mom and sonTo become eligible for Indiana WIC benefits, an applicant must meet the following requirements as listed below in the WIC Income Guidelines (Brochure):

  • An applicant must be an Indiana resident. The Indiana WIC Program currently works with approximately 150 non-profit clinics in all 92 counties to provide Indiana WIC services to applicants.
  • An applicant must be "categorically" eligible. The Indiana WIC Program serves:
    • Pregnant Women
    • Breastfeeding Women (up to baby's 1st birthday)
    • Non-Breastfeeding Postpartum Women (up to 6 months)
    • Infants (up to their 1st birthday)
    • Children (up to their 5th birthday)
  • An applicant must be "at nutritional risk." The specific criteria and parameters that indicate risk are determined by a health and dietary assessment performed by a health professional at the time of certification.
  • An applicant must be "income" eligible. Families receiving Medicaid, SNAP, or TANF are income-eligible for the Indiana WIC Program. If you are not a member of these other programs, check the income chart below to see if your family might qualify.

    2024 WIC Income Guidelines

    Household* Size

    Annual income up to $
    (total before deductions)

    Monthly income up to $
    (total before deductions)

    Weekly income up to $
    (total before deductions)

































    Each additional family member, add

    + $9,953

    + $830

    + $192

    • If you are pregnant, count yourself as two (2).
    • For households with more than 8 members, add $9,953 annual income for each additional member.

*Household means a group of people (related or not) who are living as one economic unit.