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Division of Weights and Measures

Welcome to the home page for the Indiana Department of Health (IDOH) Weights and Measures Program. The Weights and Measures Program seeks to ensure that consumers receive full measure when they purchase a product sold by weight, measure, or count, and that any statements on packaging which declares a weight or measure are accurate. Accurate weights and measures are the basis for any quality control process used in industry. Weights and Measures also regulates the manufacture, renovation, sterilization, and processing of bedding products, to protect consumers from unsanitary bedding, and to assure that they know what kind of material is utilized as fill. All inspections are complaint based, and may include collection of bedding samples to assure that the filling used is sanitary and made of the material claimed on the information tag affixed thereto.

Reporting a Complaint

Report a complaint or to request an inspection email at


Indiana Department of Health
Division of Weights and Measures 
2525 N Shadeland Avenue, D3
Indianapolis, IN 46219-1770
Program Director
Alan Goff
(317) 356-7078, Option 3
(317) 351-2877 [Fax]