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Indiana EMS Leadership Conference


At the conclusion of this conference, the attendees will be able to:

1. Discuss best practices in EMS treatment.
2. Develop actionable steps for quality improvement in the community.
3. Identify resources to enhance existing healthcare systems in the community.
4. Discuss current EMS practices in Indiana.

2020 Indiana EMS Leadership Conference Presentations

Day 1 (12/8/20) - https://indiana.adobeconnect.com/p6sboxaxx5pt/
Day 2 (12/9/20) - https://indiana.adobeconnect.com/p9tc57j39wj0/

Dr. Jeff Jarvis-Benchmarking Clinical Performance with The NEMSQA Measures
Dr. Michael Kaufmann-Today's Indiana EMS Community 
Kraig Kinney-Legislative Updates
Matt Zavadsky-Beyond MIH-CP: The Transformation Continues

2019 Conference Presentations

2018 Fatigue Risk Management Guidelines for Emergency Services - Implementation Guidebook
Dr. Elizabeth Weinstein-Pediatric Updates-Prehospital PECC Fast Facts handout

2018 Conference Presentations

Dr. Dan O'Donnell-Case Reports from EMS Residents
Dr. Michael Kaufmann-State of the State: EMS
Dr. Jennifer (Walthall) Sullivan-Know the O Facts
Dr. Elizabeth Weinstein-EMSC Update: Pediatric Facility Recognition & New Pediatric Initiatives in EMS

2017 Conference Presentations

Dr. Jeffrey Runge-Use of NEMSIS Data for Bio-Preparedness
Dr. Christine Toevs-Why Injured Geriatric Patients Should Go to a Trauma Center
Dr. Christine Toevs-Traumatic Brain Injury and the Geriatric Patient
Dr. Gregory Faris-Pre-Hospital Management of Pediatric Traumatic Brain Injury
Dr. Emily Kraft-Traumatic Cardiac Arrest Guidelines
Alex Meixner-Stroke Systems of Care Legislation-Lessons from Illinois and Next Steps in Indiana
Dr. Michael Kaufmann-Mobile Integrated Health Program
Shane Hardwick-Shalom Project
Andrew Bowman, NP-Conquering Refractory V-fibrillation in the Pre-Hospital Setting

2016 Conference Presentations

Dr. Timothy Pohlman (part of the Stop the Bleeding Panel)- TXA, To Drink or Not To Drink The Kool Aid
Dr. Matt Sutter (part of the Stop the Bleeding Panel)- Tourniquets
Dr. Erik Streib- Ambulance? Ambulance? We Don't Need No Stinking Ambulance!
Dr. Babak Sarani- Civilian and EMS Response to Active Shooter Events
Dr. Gerardo Gomez and Dr. Dan O'Donnell- EMS MDs Round Robin
Dr. Dan O'Donnell- EMS Case Reports from Emergency Medicine Residents
Dr. Peter Antevy- The Psychology of Pediatric Resuscitation in the Field
Dr. Michael Kaufmann- Ultrasounds for EMS
Dr. Michael Smith- Board Certifications
Dr. W. Graham Carlos- Inhalational Burns

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