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Brian Busching


317-234-2865 (office)
317-430-8756 (mobile)

Murray Lawry

Operations Manager

317-233-7695 (office)
317-518-6729 (mobile)

Ramzi Nimry

Trauma and Injury Prevention Program Director

317-234-7321 (office)

John O'Boyle

Law Enforcement Records Coordinator (INVDRS & PDO)

317-233-7987 (mobile)

Ryan Cunningham

Lead Records Consultant (INVDRS & PDO)

317-234-9659 (office)

Patricia Dotson

Records Consultant (INVDRS & PDO)

317-234-3715 (office)

Anita McCormick-Peyton

Records Consultant (INVDRS & PDO)

317-233-1399 (office)

Carrie Bennett

Drug Overdose Prevention Program Director

317-232-1392 (office)
317-498-4162 (mobile)

Morgan Sprecher

INVDRS Epidemiologist

317-233-9825 (office)

Navtej Bal

Records Consultant (INVDRS & PDO)

317-234-4943 (office)

Keenan Young

Records Consultant (INVDRS & PDO)

317-234-3838 (office)

Maria Cariaso

Injury Prevention Program Coordinator 
317-234-4943 (office)

Emily Pham

Drug Overdose Prevention Data Analyst

317-233-1243 (office)

Pamela Young

Coroner Records Coordinator

317-233-0880 (office)
463-246-4545 (mobile)

Mariah Kirksey

Drug Overdose Prevention Program Coordinator
317-233-7411 (office)
317-903-9312 (mobile)

Laura Hollowell

Naloxone Program Manager

317-234-2811 (office)
317-476-1970 (mobile)

Allison Lake

Drug Overdose Prevention Epidemiologist

317-234-9656 (office)

Camryn Longberry

Drug Overdose Prevention Community Outreach Coordinator
317-233-7021 (office)

Camille Anderson

Drug Overdose Prevention Community Outreach Coordinator

317-234-4853 (office)

Koushik Kaila

Trauma System Data Analyst
463-261-7338 (office)

Mohammed Islam

Trauma System Data Analyst
317-233-7690 (office)

Annika Barce

Injury Prevention Epidemiologist
317-234-3265 (office)

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