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We provide cross-agency and systemwide support through the full project lifecycle that optimizes the delivery of public health services in Indiana. We achieve this by building and maintaining trusted relationships, applying, and educating staff on the tools of continuous improvement, bringing an agency-wide lens to strategic ideation and implementation, providing space and time to focus on foundational issues, and placing the agency needs at the center of our work.

Vision: Support a state health department with exceptional health services sustained by embedded systemwide supports.

Mission: We help public health provide better public health services.

Subject Matter Expertise: 

  • Accreditation Readiness  
  • Continuous Quality Improvement
  • Grants Management  
  • Public Health Systems Quality
  • Staff Development and Engagement   
  • Strategic Thinking and Planning

OPHPM Strategic Goals

Continuous Improvement
Support a culture of quality through best practices to achieve optimal functionality for our systems across the agency

Grants Management

Continually vet and support opportunities to diversify our funding streams for the agency and OPHPM in order to create a bridge to sustainable collaboration and technical assistance opportunities.

Public Health System Quality
Develop and maintain compliant and equitable processes, standards, measures, and policies that promote high-quality health services and outcomes. 

Staff Development and Engagement
Facilitate workforce stability and operational excellence by ensuring staff at all levels are equipped to fulfill IDOH’s public health mission