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Faith-Based Outreach

Faith-Based Outreach is an Office of Minority Health initiative focused on engaging and communicating with faith-based communities and grassroots organizations, ensuring that local institutions, which hold community trust, have up-to-date information regarding health resources available in their area.

What are our goals?

To ensure more effective responses to health emergencies by strengthening collaboration between religious leaders, faith-based organizations and the Indiana Department of Health. Resulting in more people enjoying better health, improved trust, and social cohesion.

What counties are we covering?

We will cover all 92 counties in the State of Indiana

The Faith-based Outreach Coordinator will work with the Office of Minority Health on reaching out to the faith-based communities to address health messaging in their respective communities. This is an opportunity for places of worship and fellowship to support and strengthen families in their communities by helping to address health barriers that may exist for the communities they serve.


We are all in this together. Working collaboratively with each other’s well-being in mind, we can make a difference in the health of our communities.