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About Office of Minority Health

Purpose/Mission Statement

To improve the health of all racial and ethnic populations in Indiana through increased awareness, partnerships, and the development and promotion of effective health policies and programs that help to reduce minority health disparities.


In 1991, the Indiana State health commissioner created and staffed the Indiana Department of Health – Office of Minority Health (IDOH – OMH). This office focuses its efforts on improving disparities in preventable health conditions among minorities throughout the state. The OMH serves the Hispanic/Latino, Black, Asian, Pacific Islanders, and Native American Indian populations (approximately 14% of the state’s population). The Indiana Department of Health, through the OMH, is responsible for creating, directing, and achieving the Minority Health Initiatives, as directed by the Indiana General Assembly (Appendix A: Indiana Code 16-46-11). The OMH is also responsible for publishing the yearly Indiana Minority Health Report. This report compares local and national data for ten leading causes of death among racial and ethnic groups and reviews OMH’s progress toward attaining Healthy People 2020 goals and objectives. Currently, OMH is involved in a number of federally and state-funded health promotion and disease activities.

For more information on OMH and its programs please contact us.

State Code

What OMH Does

  • Coordinates facilitate, and monitors community-based programs tailored to meet the needs of these populations;
  • Ensures that health-related issues become part of the agendas of outside programs as they relate to underserved populations; and
  • Maintains open dialogue with outside agencies in an effort to keep abreast of concerns, trends, and problems as seen by these agencies which will assist in identifying gaps, barriers, and duplication in services.