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Reporting Requirements

  1. Indiana statute (410 IAC 29-3-1) requires that ALL blood lead tests, REGARDLESS OF RESULTS are required to be reported to IDOH by the entity examining the specimen (i.e. Laboratory, Clinic, Physician, etc.) not later than one (1) week after completing the test.
  2. IDOH Lead and Healthy Homes Division can accept results electronically from blood lead level testing through HL7 messaging or direct entry into the Lead Data Flow (LDF) database.
    • HL7 messaging: A Electronic Medical Record (EMR) system can be set up to automatically send HL7 messages to IDOH’s DREX system for all testing that is required to be reported to IDOH.
    • Direct Entry: Blood lead level test results can be entered directly into LDF through the IDOH electronic gateway portal at
    • An account will be created for each person that reports test results. The user will then be able to enter each result manually into the LDF database.

      Contact Hazarath Thanneeru: with the information listed below to set up your account.

      Information needed for each account:
      • First and Last Name
      • Business Email
      • Office Address
      • Office Phone
      • CLIA ID
  3. IDOH can also accept test results through secure fax or secure email, but this method is not recommended as the best option for submitting blood lead level testing results and should be considered a temporary or short-term option for submitting results. Per 410 IAC 29-3-1(b) any provider or lab submitting more than 50 results per year will be required to report electronically.
    • Laboratory Reporting Form - This form is only used for individual, single use reporting of blood lead test results sent via fax to IDOH.
  4. Questions about blood lead level reporting or signing up for electronic reporting, please contact Hazarath Thanneeru: