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Total Petroleum Hydrocarbons - Extractable (Diesel)

The TPH-E test includes compounds found in kerosene, diesel fuel, hydraulic fluid, and motor oil.

Many of these organic compounds are suspected human carcinogens.

Local Health Departments

No Charge for Investigations by Local Health Departments, IDEM or other state agencies and institutions

Water: 2 – 1 L bottles of sample

  1. All samples must be collected in 1 L glass bottles.
  2. At least two samples must be taken at each sampling site. If more than one site is to be sampled at any one location, then there must be two bottles for each and every individual site at the location.
  3. When sampling from a water tap, open the tap and allow the system to flush until the water temperature has stabilized (usually about 5 min.). Adjust the flow so that it is the size of a pencil and collect samples from the flowing stream.
  4. When sampling from a well, fill a wide-mouth bottle or beaker with sample, and carefully fill the 1 L sample bottles.
  5. The samples should be kept on ice (4ºC) and transported to the IDOH laboratory as quickly as possible. Appropriate request forms for the analyses must be completed and submitted along with the samples.

Solid: 1 glass pint jar

Water must be collected in one liter glass bottles with teflon lined caps, both of which were previously rinsed with solvents.

Solids are collected in solvent rinsed pint glass jars with clean aluminum foil between the jar and the cap.

Water - fill 2 of the provided one liter glass bottles to the top.

Solid - fill 1 of the provided pint glass jars with the solid.

Samples must be kept refrigerated at 4°C from the time of collection to the time of analysis. Samples should be delivered to the laboratory within 1 day of collection. Ship samples by an overnight service with ice packs and adequate padding to prevent breakage, or hand-deliver to the lab.

Indiana Department of Health
Chemistry Laboratories
550 W. 16th Street, Suite B
Indianapolis, In 46202

Results will be e-mailed to the submitter normally within 30 days.