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Lead in Water for Lead Assessors

In infants and children, Lead can cause delays in physical or mental development. Children could show slight deficits in attention span and learning abilities. In adults, kidney problems as well as high blood pressure are possible. Lead in water can be a source of lead-poisoning in children. Lead is an EPA regulated parameter.

There is no safe level of lead in water, but the action limit set by the EPA is 0.015 ppm.

Qualified lead assessors from local health departments, IDOH Lead & Healthy Homes Division or IDEM as part of a case investigation.

No charge for investigations by local health departments, IDEM or other state agencies and institutions.

Samples are only accepted from divisions of the Indiana Department of Health, state government agencies or from local health departments.

Questions: Contact Quincy Bell,

Collect drinking water from kitchen if possible or main source of drinking water. Please contact Quincy Bell, for sampling containers.

There are two draw types for water sampling:

First Draw: Water that has stood motionless for at least 6 hours. Do not flush the water before taking sample. Do not sample after weekends, holidays or extended periods of stagnation. First draw samples may be taken in the morning or at the end of the day, but the water in the residence must not be used during the prior 6-hour period.

Second Draw: Does not require stagnation. Flush the water 4-5 minutes before collecting the sample, then fill up the container. First draw and second draw samples give an idea of the amount of lead attributed to the plumbing.

It is ok to collect only a second draw.

Please note on the form if the property is on a private well (they do not pay for their water). We include analysis for arsenic on any private well.
Complete the analysis request form. Complete an IDOH Sample Submission Form for Water.

Place sample container(s) in an appropriate shipping box or padded envelope. Bring/ship to:

IDOH Laboratory
Attn: Environmental Lead
550 W. 16th St. - Suite B
Indianapolis, IN 46202

Refrigeration is not required. Samples should be received within 14 days of collection.

Routine samples will be reported within 10 business days from receipt.