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German Measles (Rubella) Testing

German Measles (Rubella) Serology

There is no cost for this testing.

Submit at least 1 mL of serum in a screw-capped tube. Alternatively, collect at least 3 mL of whole blood in a serum separator or red-top tube. Label the specimen tube with name or patient ID, and collection date.

  1. Serum/blood collection materials, including serum separator tubes or red-top tubes.
  2. Cold packs.
  3. Shipping boxes or containers with appropriate shipping labels.
    1. UN3373 Biological Substances, Category B shipping container or
    2. 9A shipping container provided by IDOH.
  4. Completed IDOH request form.
  1. Label the tube with patient name or ID, and collection date.
  2. Complete the IDOH request form, ensuring that the patient information on the collection tube matches the information on the form. Request form must also include submitter name/address, patient date of birth or age, sex, race, county of residence, date of onset, lab tests desired, and reason for testing. In addition, please include patient symptoms, travel history, and related vaccination/immunization history if appropriate.
  3. A lack of appropriate information on the patient form may cause a significant delay in testing.
  4. Alternatively, complete a LimsNet entry for the patient, including the same patient information as for IDOH form.
  5. Be sure to keep specimens refrigerated at 4 C prior to shipping to minimize hemolysis. Hemolyzed specimens will not be tested.
  1. Place documents in outer container or in plastic bag to prevent contamination from specimen.
  2. Wrap the labeled specimen tube with absorbent material and place in the inner shipping canister.
  3. Place the inner shipping canister in the outer shipping canister along with the completed requisition form.
  4. Complete the pre-addressed mailing label and affix to the outer canister with a return address and appropriate postage.
  5. Specimens should be shipped to arrive at IDOH Monday through Friday. Shipping specimens which will be in transit during the weekend or holiday is not recommended.
  6. Ship whole blood on ice packs to minimize hemolysis. Serum may be shipped at ambient temperature.

Laboratory reports will be sent out via LimsNet or fax and will be available within one to five business days.