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Asbestos in Building Material Testing

Asbestos-containing insulation and building materials are still present in many residences and businesses, primarily those built prior to the 1990s.

Buildings which are removing and replacing potentially asbestos containing materials. Removal of asbestos containing materials requires proper personal protective equipment to reduce exposure. Samples will be accepted from county health departments at no charge.

Contact: Pradip Patel

No Charge for Investigations by Local Health Departments, IDEM or other state agencies and institutions.

Samples must consist of at least 1 square centimeter of each material to be tested.

Samples should be submitted in a Ziploc style bag, preferably double-bagged, or another suitable airtight container, to avoid potential airborne asbestos fibers in shipment and receiving.

Samples must be submitted with a completed state collection form 54148, “Asbestos Sample Submission”, containing date of collection, location of collection, and contact information for the submitter.

Samples may be shipped in a padded envelope or a small box. Mail the samples to:

Indiana Department of Health Laboratories
Food Chemistry Lab
550 W 16th St, Suite B
Indianapolis, IN 46202

The report will be emailed or mailed within 30 days after laboratory receipt of the sample.