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LimsNet Sample Submission

LimsNet is the IDOH Lab’s web-based submission system that allows sample submitters to enter data electronically rather than on paper forms and receive lab results electronically and in real time. The submitter enters sample and demographic information into the secure website, prints the list and sends it along with the specimen(s). The life of the specimen in our lab can be tracked from receipt to the final test result.

The benefits of using LimsNet are:

  1. Many fields are pre-filled, meaning less entry time.
  2. Reduced error rate.
  3. View, print, or save reports as PDF files.
  4. Never misplace a report:  Reports are archived on LimsNet.
  5. Best of all:  Faster test results reports are available on LimsNet the minute they are released at the IDOH Lab.

The IDOH Lab can receive submissions on LimsNet for the following assays from authorized submitters: Candida, chlamydia/gonorrhea, CP-CRE, syphilis, HIV, hepatitis B and C, and virology testing (influenza, measles, mumps, respiratory viruses, etc.), blood lead, rabies, and tuberculosis, pertussis, enterics, and zika.

IDOH Lab will continue to add capabilities to accept samples for a broader range of tests.

IDOH Lab will contact current LimsNet users to inform them when new testing capabilities are added.

Below is the link to the LimsNet website.

LimsNet Website

Please note for many of our test offerings, your facility must be pre-authorized to submit samples for testing.

Are you a current test submitter and interested in submitting using LimsNet?  If so, please call our LimsNet Help Desk at 317-921-5506 or email us at

LimsNet Training PDF LimsNet Manual