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Chemistry Laboratories

Environmental Chemistry Laboratories

The Environmental Chemistry Laboratories are comprised of 4 Sections - Organic, Inorganic, Metals and Environmental Lead. Services include analysis for Fluoride, Nutrients, Pesticides, Volatiles, PFAS,  Arsenic, Lead, other Metals, to assess drinking water, surface and ground waters, soils, paint, fish, building materials, industrial waste and emergency response situations.  The Laboratories are certified by the EPA for various drinking water parameters and maintain ISO 17025 accreditation for Environmental Lead Dust, Paint and Soil. The Environmental Chemistry Laboratories support:

  • Indiana Department of Environmental Management (IDEM)
  • Indiana Lead and Healthy Homes
  • Indiana Department of Natural Resources (DNR)
  • IDOH Environmental Health Division
  • IDOH Water Fluoridation program
  • IDOH Food Protection
  • Indiana Department of Homeland Security (IDHS)
  • Local Health Departments

Testing equipment includes GCMS, GCMSMS, IC, TOC, Flow Analyzers, ICP, ICPMS, ICPMSMS, LCMSMS, and LC-QTOF.

The Environmental Chemistry Laboratories also offer a limited number of drinking water tests to:

  • All Citizens
  • Public Water Utilities
  • Municipal and Public Water Supplies for IDEM-mandated Radionuclide testing
  • Schools/Day Care Centers

Well Water Testing

People who get their drinking water from a private well are encouraged to test yearly for Nitrate + Nitrite, and at least every 5 years for Metals such as Arsenic.

Citizens who believe an environmental contamination problem is a public health issue should contact their Local or County Health Department.

Collaborations with academic institutions on environmental questions of public health importance has included measurements of Pharmaceuticals and Personal Care Products, Herbicides, Pesticides, and PFAS in water and fish.

Food Chemistry Laboratory

The Food Chemistry Laboratory tests Food from Dairies, Farms, Manufacturers, Wholesale and Retail Outlets for toxic substances or for conformance to state and federal safety regulations and standards of identity. The Laboratory maintains USDA certification and ISO 17025 accreditation for various tests.

The Food Chemistry Laboratory supports:

  • Investigation of Consumer Complaints
  • IDOH Food Protection Division
  • FDA programs for the analysis of meat for Protein, Fat, Moisture and Salt
  • USDA programs for analysis of dairy products for Pesticides, PCBs and Vitamins.
  • Indiana State Board of Animal Health Surveillance Programs
  • Investigation of foreign materials in food products
  • FDA programs for the analysis of Metals (Arsenic/Lead) in Juices, Spices, Baby Food, Vitamins, and other grocery products
  • IDOH Lead and Healthy Homes Division Investigations
  • Local Health Department Investigations
  • Emergency Response

Emergency Chemical Exposure Section

The Emergency Chemical Exposure Section examines blood and urine from individuals who may have been involved in a toxic chemical-exposure.  Exposure may have come from highly toxic hazardous chemicals.  The laboratory maintains CLIA certification for all clinical analyses.

Surveillance testing of blood samples for Lead exposure is also performed in this Section, which includes Pediatric Blood Lead testing. Additional surveillance involves a variety of matrices for opioids and other drugs of abuse. Equipment includes ICPMS, GCMSMS, LCMSMS and LC-QTOF.


The Radiochemistry Section provides Gross Alpha, Gross Beta, Radium-226 and Radium-228 testing for drinking water under EPA certification. Radiochemistry equipment includes Liquid Scintillation Counters, Gas Proportional Counters, Gamma Spectrometer equipped with High Purity Germanium Detectors.

Radiochemistry Laboratory Supports:

  • Municipal and Public Water Supplies for IDEM-mandated Radionuclide drinking water testing, for a fee.
  • Private drinking water testing, for a fee
  • Indiana Department of Homeland Security
  • IDOH Food Protection Division
  • Local Health Department Investigations
  • Emergency Response