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Chemistry Laboratories

Chemistry Laboratories

The laboratories provide analytical support, consulting services, and supplies to state agencies, state institutions, local health departments, the private sector, and public health preparedness programs. The Chemistry Laboratory consists of five areas: Environmental Inorganic Chemistry, Environmental Organic Chemistry, Food Chemistry, Radiochemistry and Indoor Air Chemistry.  The Inorganic Chemistry Lab consists of general, nutrient and trace metal sections, and the Organic Chemistry Lab has gas chromatography (GC) and gas chromatograph/mass spectrometry (GC/MS) sections.

Food Chemistry Laboratory

The Food Chemistry Laboratory supports the investigation of consumer complaints, FDA programs with meat analysis, USDA programs with analysis of dairy products for pesticides, PCBs and vitamins.  Surveillance programs of meat and dairy products receive laboratory support for the purpose of monitoring conformance to state and federal safety regulations and standards of identity.  The laboratory also identifies foreign materials in food products

This area provides analytical support to principally the Food Protection Division of the Indiana State Department of Health.  Through that division, laboratory services are also provided to the local health departments which serve the individual citizens of Indiana.  Assistance is often provided to other state agencies such as the Department of Natural Resources, the Department of Environmental Management, and the Department of Administration.  Most of the routine work involves supporting the investigation of consumer complaints or surveillance programs of meat and dairy products from the Indiana Board of Animal Health.

Radiochemistry Laboratory

The Radiochemistry Laboratory performs radiological analysis of water, milk and other sample matrices to support investigation and routine sampling for IDEM, IDOH, local health department, DNR, and public health preparedness.

Environmental Chemistry Laboratories

The Environmental Chemistry Laboratories function as support units providing chemical laboratory services required by the Indiana Department of Environmental Management (IDEM), the IDOH Sanitary Engineering Division, the IDOH dental fluoride program, the Food Protection Division and other state institutions.  Laboratory services are also provided to local health departments to assist in public health or environmental emergencies or investigations.

Analytical services include organic, inorganic, and physical analyses that are provided to assess surface water, groundwater, drinking water, soil, industrial and STP outfalls, industrial waste, various public health programs, and emergency response situations.

The Indoor Air Laboratory provides analytical services for the local health departments, the IDOH program areas or their designated field staff, and the Indiana Department of Labor.  Testing for private citizens is generally not available unless the laboratory requests are directed through the appropriate government agency or institution.  Analytical services include testing for lead in paint, lead in dust, lead in soil, inorganic and organic analyses in air, asbestos, silica, etc.