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Special Populations Support Program (SPSP)

The Special Populations Support Program (SPSP) provides intensive support services to individuals diagnosed with HIV disease and chemical dependency.  It also conducts HIV testing in treatment facilities sanctioned by the Department of Mental Health and Addictions (DMHA). Additional testing for Hepatitis C and other sexually transmitted diseases is conducted when risks are indicated.

The program is designed to deliver two distinct but complementary services: disease prevention and supportive care. SPSP employs certified HIV testing counselors who have been specially trained to perform comprehensive risk assessments, pre-test counseling, testing, and post-test counseling with the substance-using population. The testing counselors conduct their testing activities in a variety of venues where the target population can be found, including the statewide DMHA treatment facilities.

HIV-positive individuals are then referred to the program’s support specialists who engage the consumer with interventions designed to minimize substance use and maximize compliance with all applicable treatment plans. The specialists work closely with the local HIV Care Coordination agency to ensure that the consumer receives comprehensive care.

All SPSP services are FREE of charge. They are offered throughout the state at 12 sites covering 12 regions and 92 counties.

For more information, please call 317-233-7050.