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System Access

In order for access to be granted to any of the systems managed by the services program at IDOH. Sub-recipient agency staff are required to submit the form below in order to initiate access. Any employees that are leaving their role must have the form submitted to IDOH prior to their last day in the role in order to ensure access to the system(s) have been removed. All completed forms should be sent to-

HSP Staff Change Form

Ryan White Part B Services and Service Units

Subrecipients collect data on services provided to clients through certain defined sub-services and services units.  This allows IDOH HSP to monitor service delivery statewide.  A table is available to help clarify Ryan White Part B services and service units by IDOH-funded service category. Download the table here.

Services Data Reporting

Data on Services provided under Ryan White funds are tracked and recorded within CAREWare. Data is required to be entered at the service category and sub-service level by the 20th of the month following the delivery of services in alignment with invoice submission.

For training or access to CAREWare please reach out to

Data is reviewed monthly in coordination with the RW Services and Support Services Teams.

For information on service category definitions and service standards, visit our<Program and Administrative page. For information on Federal expectations and resources, visit the Technical Assistance and Resources page.

Ryan White Services Report (RSR)

What is the RSR?

The RSR is an annual federal submission required of all Ryan White funded agencies.    All agencies that receive Ryan White HIV/AIDS funding from IDOH are required to complete an RSR.  Agencies, also referred to as subrecipients, must complete the Provider Report and submit a client-level data XML file into the RSR Web System.

Who Can You Call If You Have Questions?

Traci Johnson, the Ryan White Services Manager, is the main point of contact for the RSR.  If you have any questions, please contact her at

If you are a site funded by both IDOH and the Marion County Public Health Department and have questions about your services or data from MCPHD, please contact Porta Duff at or Jill Carr at (CAREWare/data).


There are multiple resources available to assist you in completing the RSR. The TargetHIV website is the main website for Ryan White HIV/AIDS Program training and technical assistance materials.  In addition, IDOH has also developed some resources for local use.


  • Ryan White HIV/AIDS Program Services Report (RSR) Cross-Part TA Webinar – This webinar provides an overview of the RSR including what it is, why it is collected, what agencies have to do for the RSR and who to contact if you have questions.
  • How To Register in the RSR Web System – The RSR web system is the web-based application in which you report the RSR.  If you are new to the RSR or you have changed agencies since you last worked on the RSR, you will need to register. IDOH has developed detailed instructions to assist you in registering in the web system.
  • IDOH has developed agency-specific instructions that lists the services for which your agency is funded, your agency’s registration code (needed to register in the RSR web system) and a checklist to help you complete the RSR.  These have been emailed to agencies, but if you need to have them resent, please contact Traci Johnson.
  • Biweekly RSR emails – These emails have been developed to provide you with reminders, frequently asked questions and late-breaking items about the RSR.


  • RSR Instruction Manual –The RSR Instruction Manual provides an explanation of reporting requirements, definitions of required data, and instructions about how to complete the RSR.
  • RSR Validations –RSR validation checks look for consistency and accuracy in your data to improve your data quality. The Annual RSR Data Validation Messages document provides information on the data validations. Data element numbers allow you to reference between this document and the RSR Instruction Manual.  The RSR in Focus: Data Validations for Client Level Data provides a summary of RSR validation checks initiated upon upload of a client level data report.
  • RSR Upload Completeness Report – The Upload Completeness Report aggregates the data that are in the client-level data xml file so that they can be easily reviewed.  The percentage of missing data is also listed.  The RSR in Focus: How to Use the RSR Upload Completeness Report document provides information on how to use the Upload Completeness Report (UCR) that becomes available in the Ryan White Services Report (RSR) Web System once client-level data is uploaded.
  • RSR The Basics Webinar – This webinar provides an overview of the RSR terminology.
  • Completing the Provider Report Webinar – This webinar features step-by-step instructions on how to complete the 2019 RSR Provider Report, including uploading client-level data, modifying service delivery sites and addressing alerts and warnings in the RSR web system.
  • RSR Technical Assistance Brochure – This brochure lists all of the available federally-funded technical assistance resources for the RSR as well as the areas in which they can provide assistance.

HIV Services Program (HSP) Contact Information

You can access our staff by calling 866-588-4948 and select option #1 or by emailing .