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Recreational Vehicle Campgrounds

IDOH's Recreational Vehicle Camp Construction Approval and Facility Inspection Program inspects recreational vehicle campgrounds and approves plans for the construction or alteration of recreational vehicle campgrounds. The program seeks to ensure safe facilities, proper water supply, and proper sewage disposal.



Laws and Regulations

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COVID-19 Information

  • Cleaning and Disinfecting Your Facility - CDC
  • EPA Alert  for RV, Boat and Mobile Home Owners and Park Operators about Safe Wastewater Disposal 
    • This EPA alert addresses the problem of using commercial products to control odors from sewage holding tanks. Some of those products contain chemicals that may pollute water resources. Using those chemicals and then emptying a holding tank into a septic system (or other onsite wastewater treatment system) or disposing of holding tank waste illegally, may create health and environmental hazards. Read the alert to find out about safe practices to control odors from sewage holding tanks.