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COOP (Continuity of Operations Plan)

In the instance of COOP activation due to emergencies such as natural disasters, building shutdown, or unsafe conditions downtown, DEP is responsible for preparing the COOP space and resources when activated.

Precovid Functions

Local ESF-8 Events

DEP Logistics supports annual state and local events by request. This includes setting up a mobile hospital tent for medical support of Air shows. We provide resource support for state and local fairs, as well as the Infectious Disease Summit.

Public Health Resource Report

In addition to event support, the primary function of DEP Logistics is to provide the resource support for a public health response. Scott County HIV, East Chicago Lead, H1N1, COVID-19 and Hep A clinics are some of the responses which DEP supported. This often requires coordination with other health divisions such as Immunizations, Epidemiology, Lead and others.


Mobile Hospital

IDOH mobile hospital shelters provide a climate-controlled environment in which to conduct medical operations. Each of the six units contains ten treatment beds.

Hospital Tent 2Hospital Tent

Mobile Command Unit

The Mobile Command Unit (or MCU) serves as the primary mobile communication base for DOC operations or Incident Command unit. The unit has stations set up for operational use with FirstNet cradle points, radio & satellite comms as needed.

MCU interiorMCU

Advanced Medical Supply Unit (AMSU)

The Advanced Medical Supply Unit (AMSU) is used to transport medical supplies needed for training events or Response activations for approved requests.


Logistics Resources

DEP communication resourcesDEP Comm

IDOH maintains a fleet of 1stNet data devices to support operations in the field and at fixed locations. IDOH also maintains range-extending equipment for low data coverage areas.

CRD - Deployed While AttachedCRD

Shared inter-agency 1stNet communications asset partially provided by IDOH-DEP, ISP, INDOT and IPSC. Compact Rapid Deployable, provides high-speed data and a stand-alone cell site in areas of damaged infrastructure or high data traffic areas.

Command Containercontainer

Long-term emergency operations shelter. Deployable by contracted commercial conveyance. Provides a secure heated and cooled workspace. DEP has three available.


Camping style refrigerator/freezer running on either 12/24 volt DC or 120 volt AC current. Provides cold storage or cold chain management sources for field operations. DEP has 100 available for response.

Fridge Freezefridge freeze

Fridge Freeze -20C vaccine freezer or refrigerator. AC or DC powered. DEP has twenty.

Vaccine Freezerminus

Vaccine freezer to -80C. Provides six vaccine trays. DEP has ten.