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Indiana Health Alert Network (IHAN)



The Indiana Health Alert Network (IHAN-IN) is a mass notification system intended to distribute health alerts to healthcare providers and public health professionals across the state of Indiana.
To visit the IHAN-IN website click here: IHAN-IN

Past IHANs


Registering is as simple as logging on to the website and entering the information requested. Select the “Register Now” button on the home page to begin the registration process. You should have information about your current employer and contact information available in order to complete the registration process. The IDOH will verify individuals registering for different organizations within the system. New users may only join organizations that are applicable to their profession.

IHAN-IN Registration Guide
IHAN-IN Registration Website

Health Alert Messages

Health alert messages fall into the following categories:

  • Health Alert: Conveys the highest level of importance and warrants immediate action or attention.
  • Health Advisory: Provides important information for a specific incident or situation and may not require immediate action or attention.
  • Health Update: Provides updated information regarding an incident or situation and is unlikely to require immediate action.
  • Health Information: Provides general health information which is not considered to be of an emergent nature.