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NHSN COVID-19 Hospital Data Reporting Guidance

The National Healthcare Safety Network (NHSN) has released guidance regarding COVID-19 hospital data reporting requirements that will change effective June 11.

The two primary changes are:

  • The number of data elements required to be reported to CDC will be reduced from 62 elements to 44 elements
  • Reporting cadence will change from a daily requirement to a weekly requirement, with values reported for each day of the previous week (defined as Sunday – Saturday) by the submission deadline of Tuesday.

NHSN will continue to collect several key COVID-19 hospital data elements, many which are and will continue to be displayed on CDC’s COVID Data Tracker and available for download in datasets on

EMResource Response Hospital User Training

EMResource is an emergency resource management that optimizes real-time communication to enhance response to daily medical emergencies. EMResource is used by healthcare, public health, first responders, and other healthcare and government agencies. This system is utilized to monitor and notify changes in resource statuses such as diversions, EOC activations, resource availability and other information. The data inputted into this system will provide IDOH and healthcare coalitions with up-to-date data on capacity and needs.

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