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Hillard Heintze Report

Protecting What Matters

The State of Indiana
An assessment of Indiana's law enforcement curriculum and training, the state's Law Enforcement Training Board, and the state's law enforcement agencies' policies and practices

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Press Release
For Immediate Release
Monday, Oct. 25, 2021

Gov.  Holcomb releases third-party review of all state-level law enforcement agencies
Report makes recommendations to improve curriculum and training  programs

INDIANAPOLIS-Governor Eric J. Holcomb today released the  findings of a report assessing the curriculum, training standards, policies and  practices of all state-level law enforcement agencies.

“I made a commitment to fostering an inclusive and equitable  environment for all Hoosiers to take part in and that commitment meant taking a  critical look at our state’s law enforcement,” Gov. Holcomb said. “By  commissioning a third-party review, we have assessed what state law enforcement  agencies are doing well and where we can improve. As the assessment progressed,  the agencies initiated an implementation of some of the recommendations and are  working toward reviewing and implementing the remaining items. I will continue  to do my part to assure the citizens of Indiana that law enforcement officers  are operating according to the highest standards.”

Hillard Heintze, now a division of a Jensen Hughes Company,  provides independent reviews of law enforcement agencies, focusing on analyses  of strengths and weaknesses, evaluations of community policing strategies and  assessing training curriculum and strategies. Some of the firm’s clients  include the Louisville Metro Police Department, the Denver Sheriff’s Department  and the Schaumburg Police Department located in Illinois.

Hillard Heintze spent the past year reviewing policies,  procedures and training materials of the Indiana Law Enforcement Academy  (ILEA), the Indiana Law Enforcement Training Board (LETB), the Indiana State  Police (ISP), the State Excise Police, Indiana Conservation Officers, Capitol  Police Services and Gaming Police as well as meeting with staff. The firm  issued recommendations for the governor’s consideration.

Among the ISP recommendations that have been implemented:

  • Issuing body-worn cameras for all state troopers on the frontlines
  • Developing a strategic recruitment plan to accomplish recruiting and diversity goals
  • Investing in a shared case management system to allow for efficient and effective internal investigations and to increase transparency between law enforcement agencies
  • Releasing a comprehensive annual report with the goal of transparency and data sharing
  • Implementing a nationally recognized system that tracks use-of-force incidents for review and analysis to improve training programs and early intervention.

ILEA has committed to:

  • Establishing a work group to reevaluate current training methods that include topics such as implicit bias
  • Developing more online training to streamline operations and create more efficiency
  • Creating programs to include more scenario-based training for recruits
  • Developing and implementing a de-escalation response program for those suffering from a mental health crisis.

LETB has committed to:

  • Developing more standard trainings and minimum standard requirements across the state
  • Implementing structural changes that put in place dedicated personnel to oversee the training process and curriculum
  • Supporting legislative changes to include civilians, as well as all satellite academy directors, as voting board members.

All other agencies with policing services have committed to:

  • Utilizing public messaging platforms to inform and engage the public about the specific agency work
  • Modernizing information systems to better track and analyze performance metrics.

“We applaud Gov. Holcomb’s efforts to review and consider  changes to the policies, procedures, operations and training of the state law  enforcement agencies with whom we worked,” said Rob Davis, senior vice  president of law enforcement consulting at Hillard Heintze, a Jensen Hughes Company.  “While any organization can benefit from a review of its operations, we  appreciate the fact that Indiana’s leadership embraced our assessment efforts  and opened their doors to us without hesitation. It was clear to us they too  want to make sure their operations align with best practices. They were very  willing to challenge themselves as they considered potential changes to their  operations.”


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