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Governor Fun Facts

Birthday: May 2, 1968

Birthplace: Indianapolis

Parents' Names: Neil and Marcia

Hometown: Indianapolis, Pike Township

Siblings: 1 brother, Brian 

Elementary School: Pittsboro Elementary and Central Elementary (Guion Creek M.S.)

High School: Pike High School

College: Hanover College

Favorite Teacher: Hard to pick just one. I had a lot of great teachers in school, including my mother in fourth grade. Professor Curtis at Hanover was a great teacher and we’ve become friends over the years.  

Favorite Ice Cream: Chocolate

Favorite Childhood Past-time: Shooting hoops with friends

Favorite Subject in School: History

Favorite Colors: Blue

Favorite Book: Anything about Abraham Lincoln

Favorite Movie: Hoosiers or any John Wayne Western

Favorite Childhood Superhero: Aquaman

Elected offices held: Lt. Governor and Governor

Pets: Henry, dog.

Favorite Recipe: State Park S’mores – put melted chocolate and marshmallows between two graham crackers

Why did you run for Governor? To take Indiana to the Next Level.

What is your favorite part about being Governor? Traveling the state and bringing people together to solve problems.

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