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Leadership Committee

Beth DeHoff
Chair, Parent of Person with ID/DD

Jennifer Noffsinger
Vice Chair, Parent of Person with ID/DD

Brandy Dickerson
Secretary, Person with ID/DD

Ledrena Girton
Parliamentarian, Parent of Person with ID/DD

Chris Ramey
Treasurer, Business

DD Act Partners

Melissa Keyes
Indiana Disability Rights

Derek Nord
Indiana Institute on Disability and Community

State Agency Representatives

Kelly Mitchell
Indiana Family and Social Services Administration, Division of Disability and Rehabilitative Services

Nancy Holsapple
Indiana Department of Education

Kristi Linson
Indiana Department of Health, Maternal and Child Health Services

Citizen Members

Council Citizen Members are appointed by the Governor of the State of Indiana. Staff support the Council in soliciting recommendations, recruitment, and identification of eligible potential new members for consideration. After reviewing applications, the Council Leadership Committee interviews eligible applicants to fill open vacancies, selects applicants to be considered by the full Council, and the full Council votes through a consensus process to recommend the potential new members to the Governor for consideration for appointment. The Council and its staff do not have final appointment authority, and sometimes recommended candidates are not appointed.

Dominic Chase
Citizen Member

Casey DePriest
Citizen Member

Andrew Fenker
Citizen Member

Kevin McCracken
Citizen Member

Shawn Rector
Citizen Member

Ryan Steiner
Citizen Member

Traci Taylor
Citizen Member

Jessica Witherspoon
Citizen Member