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HIP Eligibility and Contribution Calculator

This calculator is provided to allow you to see if you may be eligible for the Healthy Indiana Plan and to estimate what your POWER account contribution would be.

Important: Our calculator is solely an estimation tool, and any information resulting from its use should be used accordingly. This calculator provides an estimate of a potential member’s eligibility and how much the member’s monthly contribution would be. Eligibility results and estimates of POWER account contributions from this calculator do not guarantee the amount of contribution or that an individual will be approved for HIP. Contact 877-GET-HIP-9 (877-438-4479) for more information.

Please note: Only those aged 19 to 64 who are not otherwise eligible for a Medicaid program and not receiving Medicare may be eligible for HIP. If you are enrolling with your spouse this contribution amount may be split between the two of you. This calculator is provided “AS IS.” There is no warranty of any kind regarding the accuracy or completeness of this calculator or your results, and the user assumes all risk of use. Use of this tool constitutes your acceptance of these terms.