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Key leaders and contact links

Executive team

 Paul Stanley, MHA, Superintendent     Paul.Stanley@fssa.in.gov   
Walter Soptelean, Assistant Superintendent Walter.Soptelean@fssa.in.gov
Dr.  R. Gregory Rohs, Medical Director Robert.Rohs@fssa.in.gov
Josh Nolan PsyD, HSPP, Clinical Director Joshua.nolan@fssa.in.gov
Sommer McDaniel, MSN, BSN, RN, Director of Nursing Sommer.McDaniel@fssa.in.gov
Kay Stephan, Quality Management Director Anita.Stephan@fssa.in.gov
Terry Slayback, MBA, Human Resources Director Tslayback1@spd.in.gov

Service line managers

Corey Laughlin, Hope Service Line Manager Corey.Laughlin@fssa.in.gov
D'Aune Murray, MBA, Recovery Service Line Manager D'Aune.Murray@fssa.in.gov
Jeremy Matthews, MBA, Strength Service Line Manager Jeremy.Matthews@fssa.in.gov

Clinical discipline directors

Jessica Whited, LCSW , Psychiatric Services Director   Jessica.Whited@fssa.in.gov
Denise Townsend, CTRS, Rehabilitation Director Denise.townsend@fssa.in.gov