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Campus tours / museum

Richmond State Hospital offers campus tours and presentations for high school and college level programs. Presentations may include:

  • History of the hospital
  • Trends and treatment in the mental health field
  • Educational opportunities in the mental health field


During the hospital's 100-year celebration in 1990, Richmond State Hospital staff established our own museum bringing artifacts, antiques, and records together of our rich history. The museum is still in existence today, located in an old farmhouse on the corner of Indiana Avenue and N.W. 13th Street.

If you are interested in scheduling a group tour of the campus and/or museum, please contact community services director, Kelley Cruse Nicholson, at 765-966-0511 or

* We ask that anyone who tours our facilities respect patients’ privacy and confidentiality. No pictures, cell phones or personal recording devices are allowed in patient areas.