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In 1883, Indiana’s Legislature authorized funding for the construction of a new facility in Evansville. A secluded, densely wooded farm on Newburgh Road (now Lincoln Avenue), then three miles outside of the city, was selected as the site. On October 30, 1890, the new hospital admitted its first two patients. A fire in 1943 destroyed the main structure, a replacement facility known as the Continuing Treatment Unit or CTU was constructed in its place. With the advent of deinstitutionalization, the larger, aging buildings were no longer essential and by 2008 all of the old structures had been razed.

Today, Evansville State Hospital continues its mission of Hope and Recovery for persons with severe mental illness. A replacement hospital, with a capacity for 168 patients, was opened on the original hospital campus in September, 2003. The Golden Trowel Award was presented to the hospital for use of innovative “green” building materials.


Evansville State Hospital is open for campus tours for students and other interested parties Monday- Friday from 8 a.m. - 4 p.m. CST. Please contact community services director, Theresa Woerz at 812-469-6800 ext. 4972 or to schedule your tour.