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Goals and Objectives

Indiana's Overarching Goal: Indiana will have an operational infrastructure with standards and processes established to implement primary and behavioral healthcare integration across its public healthcare systems. Indiana will provide recognition and program support to agencies implementing integrated care within the framework established.

PCBHI State Goals:
  • Promote preventative healthcare and improved physical and / or behavioral outcomes.
  • Holistic approach while leveraging new and emerging technology platforms.
  • Demonstrate cost savings over time.
  • Maximize existing systems to build framework for provision of integrated care while maintaining a vision for long-term sustainability.
PCBHI State Objectives:
  • Policy: Implement guidelines and standards that allow flexibility and applicability across all public healthcare systems.
  • Funding: Establish incentives and/or reimbursements methodology for service delivery practices that do not have an existing funding.
  • Data/Technology: Advance information sharing by implementing core data requirements that will utilize and improve data systems.
  • Future Opportunities: Explore opportunities for new initiatives that are aligned or comparable to the Indiana PCBHI goals, i.e. Excellence Act and Health Homes.
  • Workforce Development: Prepare and expand workforce competency and capacity to deliver integrated primary and behavioral health care.
  • Quality Assurance: Monitor integration in state recognized agencies to ensure fidelity of standards and implementation.
PCBHI Core Requirements:(Elements associated with best practice. *Not all-inclusive list)
  • Screenings (behavioral health and physical health).
  • Integrated care plans.
  • Multidisciplinary team meetings.
  • Real-time psychiatric/medical consults.
  • Leadership support.
  • Evidence based practice and training.
  • Electronic health records.
  • Electronic data submission to state.
  • Quality outcome measures.